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Trainer. Now. We call them shown us it's fake. Well, we happen to believe that this isn't a rain in marriage is a range to help boost their careers and not necessarily based on deep and everlasting love. Right. The kind that that they might grow to love one another. But I'm just not so sure I'm not so sure either in turns out, Bradley, I think we've been focused on the wrong relationship because this morning one of the trending headlines on Google though. I could only find it. Written about in like three publications which tells me somebody's paying to have something trend on Google. I don't know if that happens, but I'm just saying the headline is the following. Preoccupy teaches Bollywood moves two sisters in law. Sophie Turner, and Danielle Jonas. Okay. And now I've got a pop up ad as they danced the night away. Okay. I don't think that preoccupied married Nick Jonas for that relationship. One hundred percents. I think she was more excited about the relationship. She could have with Sophie Turner, who's in what show. Game of thrones. Which is like the biggest show on cable television. About to premiere its final season. I don't know if it's this relationship is more important than this relationship, but she obviously had all sorts of reasons to buy into this experience. And honestly, I kind of feel like goes both ways it is a. There's a shape that round. What do you call those things? Like like a circle. Yes. And then there's a Steve Martin movie. What's that called jerk? Yeah. Okay. Put those together. And I think that's what we have here, celebrity wise. They all know the power of celebrity, and it's become almost like not mean girls, but you will see if you go to their Instagram accounts. There's a lot of in this happened last week when they they went to some one of the final four. Final game. They were at Penn State Penn State. And there were all these pictures and videos of them like hanging out and being besties. And this has been a recurring theme where like the girls hang remember there. Also in the video for soccer, the Jonas brothers video. So they are like ma-. It's kind of like, what do you call that thing again Optimus prime or like a the thing. We call those people with the tights. I'm the tights and dance. River dance. Yeah. You know, when all those dancers come together and form giant monolith. No, you know, the. Optimus prime former. No, no, the ones entites with the helmet on power rain Janis because don't they form like some SuperBeets super power? Yeah, they go into their machines and their machines combine to form one. The word or something. I don't know. Anyway, I'm just words. So my point is you've got a Sophie, Tucker Turner. You've got a Nick Jonas Joe Jonas. You've got this other one Daniel Daniel. Yeah. But she was on the reality show. My life with that guy Jonas. Jones. And that would be the fourth Jonas who couldn't even make the band. He was in the audience in the front row this. He's a fan. You have to be he's okay, they all formed this giant like celebrity publicity beast that we are. Now, the victims of it's kind of like Silla walking through the streets of New York. But it's the Jonas beast. Yeah. The well. Yeah. The Jonas Tucker Turner. Overdrive cho- yet. That sounds like a that. Actually sounds like that could be a band. Yeah. How long do we actually think this is going to last? Well, a long time. Do you really think? So. Yeah, I this is a family. That's in it to win. It. Remember, it's not just them. Even remember the full family is into this. Right. Remember when we saw the in the lead up to the wedding like the mom and the dad and the extended family, and then they had that pickup truck photo where they were all like in rural Louisiana with like cammo onto your remember that. Yeah. Well, and and and and they always are flashing what their timepieces have you ever noticed that like even even the extended family? I've started to notice that too that it's not just the main the main Jonas job rose, and the wives that have those the watches that they show for on Instagram, the whole family has them. And they're always posing them in pick that I have with that whole scenario. I don't know which watch brand that is so even if I wanted to buy that train what it is. And also watch exactly. Holly, Holly, sorry. I know now we're gonna get all these calls. I really didn't mean for you people to point yourselves out. Trust me live with one of them fashion. Watchers are thing. I get it. I'm not one of those people. But to your point. Yes. It's like some weird watch cult. Yes. We are all just the victims. And it's only gonna get worse, and it's gonna creep and crawl and they're going to be I will say that we dodged a huge bullet, Minneapolis, Saint Paul. Yes. Because apparently the rest of the Jonas beast did not descend upon us. No, an I frankly surprised that they did on Penn State that is you know, the Jonas brothers came to perform at the armory. I think for the final four this last weekend. And I was ready to see all sorts of like media opportunities of them. Like just thinking all I saw was one photo the Jonas brothers getting off in the airport. Okay. Did anybody? I mean, somebody had to gone to that concert. Did anybody enemy tried to go like you would have thought it was the Popo? It looks like to sell things please on social. We'll see sucessfully. No, absolutely not. Okay. I want us first time on this. His cohort is probably not the like prime demo for the Jonas brothers typical. So good tickets from the guys you work at the at the shop with working to shop saying like, I don't feel like you're up the right trees. Exactly. Stand on the quarter the thirteen year old girl. A local high school got Jonas brothers tickets tickets to Joe you want me to go with you wouldn't be creepy at all. That would totally be be like, I can't even there's not even a good job with that. In any case. I think we did dodge a bullet, the we dodged the gigantic Joan Joan I. Why would they not be this is what frustrates me about this? We're not good enough for the Jonas. For them. Honestly, the Penn State thing made sense because they were all doing this throwback college body shots. Dancing on tables. This is. But like if you wanna get before the is the final four, that's the big dance, isn't that what they call him. But it's a big. A name for it. Besides the final four is fairly whatever the final Nuff anything so too. But isn't the final four leaks performing the final four? That's a big darn deal. I this is the wrong audience for you. Because I didn't even know little known fact that nobody cares about that. There were performances that came along with the final four just thought the thing was the game. I didn't realize like celebrities flew into town to cash a paycheck. We'll just because it's it's anytime when people are coming from all over the country descending onto one place because they're all eyes are on this big event. They're going to capitalize on that. Right. And so like, we did have we have had the perfect, and that's why can't figure out. Why weren't they all that? No, Katy Perry. No Herberger, Dirk broder. What was that band called the Griffey's? The no it was. Like the chain smokers. Yeah. Okay. Teen smokers. I don't know how that Katy Perry was at the Weisman. Art museum, the university of Minnesota. And she was in the gift shop. Oh, that was actually some girl named Jessica. Thought was Katy Perry. Mostly with our Instagram stories. It was Katy Perry. But like nobody didn't like clone. I know it's just whiz through beautiful city. And nobody it was like nobody sign anybody. Nobody tiny thing, and they all just whipped in whipped out. Nothing. Not even a little bit of us. It wasn't like remember when we have maybe the Super Bowl here. Not so long ago people just don't care anymore. Right. We're like we already saw celebrities. No. Literally, washing a paycheck. I do not have time to spend in your fair city. Brewed because we didn't see any of those stories like, you know, so and so have the juicy Lucy. So and so took a picture at the cherry spoon and the big blue bird. No, they literally just came in went directly to the performance, and then turn around and went back to the I don't know.

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