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Motorcycle industry is focusing on younger women there are theories started riding motorcycles five years ago Alex looked around as a passenger for awhile and then I was just like now I got I got a friend fury is thirty and part of the fastest growing group of motorcycle riders in the US millennial women just like the most freeing exhilarating amazing feeling in the world thanks to writers like Fiori one in five motorcycle owners in the lasses now female according to the motorcycle industry council that's double their share a decade ago the barriers to writing are disappearing bikes are smaller less expensive less powerful and easier to handle and the internet has played a huge role cinnamon currents as with the motorcycle industry council she says Instagram Facebook you tube now you can go online and there are women's writers groups just a lot more easy to connect with like minded people a lot of this women's groups have come to the attention of major manufacturers babes right out drew fifteen hundred riders to central California last month it was sponsored for the first time by Harley Davidson there's also the women writers world relay sponsored by Indian motorcycle the rise in women writers is coming at a good time for the industry annual motorcycle sales peaked at about one million in two thousand six but they stalled since the Great Recession at about half that the industry tough spot James harden is managing director at Wedbush securities does aging baby boomers have put it in a tough spot by parking their wheels for good if you just look at the mass it's going to be hard to replace sixty five year old white American males so the.

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