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This mccalla. It's too bad Chris that you you didn't get emotional during that announcement. I thought you kept it very well and check and real cool and collected like a real astronaut Johnny. I was so afraid that the only thing I was going to get out was one body and it was going to end up living in a very emotional moment it was. We had spent two weeks together and gotten very close and there was a lot of not only physical energy those two weeks but a lot of emotional energy. You've done so many news conferences. And so many shows from being a schoolteacher by which by the way. I teach an economics course I teach law teach a course that I developed court call the American woman which is a social history and then I teach American history to eleventh and twelfth graders now all of a sudden you are a national personage. You're in the news all the time. Has it been more than you're able to handle has been what you thought it would be at the demands on your time in so much as you say. Wait a minute maybe I I didn't want this or the honor so nice that you say well right now. It's a lot of fun and I'm enjoying doing this one of the things. That's been nice because I don't have school this summer is this is the only way. I can get the message across to my students. I don't have a chance to get into the classroom right now. So they're finding out everything taking place in my life schools not on when you were selected. Right I left the day after school out and started the whole process in Washington. Are you GonNa get a welcome when you go back this phone? I'm sure this all come about I did. I remember when they Talked about this a year and a half ago about having a civilian outer space and I guess the reason they did that you probably know better than I is too so somebody could come back and report not from so much as a technical center engineering sense but what a person who is not basically a scientist would feel like an end to be able to communicate that other people that basically well NASA has space participant program. I'm GONNA I category and there will be other ones and what they were trying to do. I think was probably twofold one to give people a little bit of ownership in this program. The space program belongs to everybody and the other thing was to try to find somebody who would be a very good communicator and would impact on as many people as possible. And what better person teacher would you do make out an application? Shoot it inner. Oh I wish it was that easy in December I actually had to fill out a little application to get my application So that started the process and then I got a fifteen page application back which was little overwhelming. Actually they sent out forty five thousand of them and only eleven thousand teachers decided they were going to actually fill it in. What kind of questions do they ask in that kind of their basic essay questions dealing with everything why they wanted the first private citizens space? How do you foster international wariness in your students in a space shuttle project that I had to prepare? I had to have recommendations from the community and from school but the unique thing about it was. It didn't ask how old you were. It didn't ask your marital status. It didn't ask If you're in good health it was a very open type of thing really looking for somebody to be a good communicator. For but I would assume that somebody would have to be in good health do that. This is a rather strenuous Physical undertaking also. You have been good shape. Don't you? In the first astronaut programs people did have to be because they experienced so many G. forces when they were taking off and sometimes the astronauts were in pain but now actually a space participant as far as qualifying for eyesight. If you're blind in one eye and had vision correctable to twenty forty. You could still fly aboard the shuttle. Why see so the physical limitations are much less today? Obviously the head to narrow this down from these eleven thousand Were there are larger number than the original nine? I mean of course but there were some limitation process along the way well there was a council of chiefs state school offices and all that means is like all the superintendents around the country have the opportunity to devise within their states committee. And then they handle the applications for the estate in Hampshire. We had seventy nine people who applied so they looked at the seventy-nine decided who they were going to interview. They chose seven. I was interviewed. And then they pick two from each state. So they're the original number because we have schools overseas in Guam and Puerto Rico. Their one hundred and fourteen of US. Who met in? Washington is scheduled for. I mean they have the target date for you is January. Twenty second but with the missions. Being bumped up a little bit with the problems that they'd had I would assume that it's probably beginning February. Now are you in any way frightened of something like that? It's a normal question because just the other day it was going to hit a frightening lifted in one of the engines went out and yes I really haven't thought of it in those terms because they see the shuttle program is a very safe program but I think the late and I think they ask him how he felt may be given credit the wrong astronaut. How do you feel when you're up during the capstone? Is this a strange feeling? When you realize that every part on this capsule was made by the Louis Bidder..

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