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We have ed valentine from from big blue view there. Hey good <hes> we're doing. We're doing well. It's anthony kazan's on my co host john sharon so hopefully breath. You can hear us both pretty well. It's great to have you with us. Let's just let's just dive right into it. The bengals host the giants coming up here in the dress rehearsal. You and i have kind of engaged in conversations behind the scenes. <hes> i guess we gotta start here because there are some sour feelings about two particular other players potentially from both sides of the fence john jerry and bobby hart <hes>. I asked you this in a post. You graciously helped us out with the the the five questions but i'd love to hear you kinda verbalize potentially some positives from those players that bengals could maybe latch onto because those those guys seem to be having inside track to the left guard spot starting spot and the right tackle starting spot for the bengals. It's funny you have mentioned to you in some other forums. I can't jerry is not a bad n._f._l. Spell player all right at least he wasn't. I mean he's been out of the league krieger. I don't know why he couldn't find a job as backup somewhere a year ago. After after the giants moved on from him jerry started for the giants for at least four years. He's a decent n._f._l. Oh guard or at least he was he's. He's a decent pass blocker not a very good run blocker. He's a guy that that you know stays pretty quiet in the locker room. He's a pro. He's you know he's the guy that that. I don't have a problem with this. You know he just as the the giants developed their offensive line they they wanted better run blocking. They wanted more athleticism and they moved on from jerry but i i don't have. I don't have any issues with him as an n._f._l. Player i think the guy that that giants fans have issues with bobby hard for the simple reason that that in two thousand seventeen bobby heart good in front of me in in training camp and made the claim that he was the best rate tackling football out lost his job after six or seven games ask and by the end of the city didn't wanna play he he refused to practice or suit up for the for the final game of the season and and and got himself cut so giants fans have issues with v._r. So those are the only guys the bengals for your of guys and actually defensive coach this off season when the bengals hired lou interim defensive coordinator and assigned b._w._i. Which of those guys were youth johnston more about <hes> t money of things it to carry win by far kerry. Win is a guy that kyrie win plays really hard. He came to the giants. I think in two thousand wasn't fourteen as an undrafted free aging and you kept sort of looking at this guy and thinking. How does he make a roster every year because he's not all that talented allen did. There's nothing special about him. The only thing special about kerry winning hearts plays p plays really hard. He does anything anything you ask him to do. You'll play special teams and do a really good job of it is one of those guy that he's not going to star for. You not gonna put a ten but you're gonna put him on the field and he's going to give you effort. He's gonna give you everything that he has and for a backup guy. That's playing fifteen fifteen or twenty snaps in a game. You'll know what he's doing any gives you effort and you can't have curl more than that so for me by far it it carry win. I think he's a guy that bengals fans will like talking with valentine of big blue view and the valentine's view podcast. I was privileged enough to be a part of that. Both this podcast and ed's podcast are part of the s._b._a. Nation family of football podcast awed cast so great to have ed with us talking about the new york giants new york football giants talking talking about the dress rehearsal coming up..

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