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Manny Machado, Bob Nightingale, Orioles discussed on Ordway, Merloni & Fauria


Cushy saw it with patrol last here so but I think the difference is they have. A margin for error because they hitting home runs that's k. d. Martinez. He has changed that entire team from top to bottom you wanna take one of these breaks sure we'll take got some number hold on hold on we, the the, Orioles apparently Bob Nightingale The. Orioles are trading Manny Machado. To don't. Say New. York the same dodger. Yes all right Julie's we'll rent it. For year Barring according, to. Nightingale barring a last minute snag apparently they have worked out a deal according to a baseball official. With. Direct knowledge of the. Deal okay so wait a second so does he is the Yankees Yankees. Already been out in the deal apparently the brewers and the Phillies. Were still in on the, deal but according to Bob Nightingale. Usually pretty good, with his stuff one minute ago, the, Orioles are about to. Trade Manny Machado, to the dodgers and I said, this is great for the it but is this is this weird though? Because now, he's a dodger right if so if he's if he's a dodger than is he going to be a dodger and all star as a, dodger or is an Oriole What's it. Gonna do this, deal is done I'm not kidding, so, this deal is done. Bam you're swapping, teams this has happened in the, regular season for players they show up to the ballpark they wanted with? The team, they get treated they go to the other the other locker room they end up but on a new uniform what you do tonight No no it's. An exhibition what. Do you mean watching just, kidding I'm telling Morlin Moreland. Wonder, what, is he getting. In by the way he? He he. Might get him Doesn't everybody isn't everybody Necessarily because if it's a close, game at the end it doesn't. Matter, who wins anymore. Yeah it's pride Easily you have to keep a. Guy around just in case you need somebody. To pinch at the end you think it's going to be he's going, to be an all stars dodgy. I, don't care Who. Who who cares Crazy though I. Don't think it's crazy it, was crazy Who. Cares it's an exhibition you hate small so much. John I Lord. That was, really talking to. Your tickets I love. Baseball you know. I love baseball you. Love hockey hockey I. Love hockey. I do love. Hockey we gotta take that all right we'll. Be back make Christian foyer. Care about baseball And rich Keith I hate going back to what happened before and assuming that's what's going to happen now they. Look like they're going to, set a team record for wins this season, but, then you look at the other top, teams in? The American League. It's not like the Celtics. Next. Year where the Celtics should crews all the way. Through the regular. Season and, they're the best. Team in the Eastern. Conference the Red. Sox are great but. So of the Yankees. In the. Astros hey.

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Manny Machado, Bob Nightingale, Orioles discussed on Ordway, Merloni & Fauria

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