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And I was like all the body of work all injuries on the surgeries. All the tough times. It led up to this moment. I couldn't have actual a better ending forty year old Dirk Nowitzki also retiring after the Mavericks season finale in San Antonio dukes. RJ Barrett and Kentucky's Kelvin Johnson are among those entering the NBA draft BYU will name Mark pope. It's new head coach the Stanley Cup playoffs begin tonight. There are five games on the schedule the islanders or the best stories in the league. This year will host the penguins while the lightning the top team. In the regular season will face off against the blue jackets in Tampa Bay out west the defending conference champion Golden Knights will meet the sharks in San Jose, number checker. Jim Rome here coming up in the jungle. Tomorrow the masters updates throughout the day. Plus the playoff picture is set in the NBA, twelve noon eastern nine Pacific. What's hotter than a woman who talk sports, a woman who talk sports pain? Listen to you say, Alexa, unable to be extra sports. Thirteen hundred skill. Then say Alexa, play extra sports thirteen hundred. They start seeing guys baseball over football. I wonder if the NFL will have to adjust Uni Bryce Harper. He's on the shortlist of most polarizing athletes in the entire country. Truthful intensive masters coverage today tires you to play what I do sort of. Why the lead up? He's got a sixty five at the practice. Brown fat. Sixty five okay issue, sixty. Che's at his weakest professional moment, juju Smith Schuster was professionally inconsolable which you have to respect because it just illustrates how much he cares about his team. He was so accountable and Tony Brown put that on blasts mega joke out of it. That's a horrendous teammate talented. They're talking. There. Tiki and Tierney. Oh, we're coming alive for the rocket mortgage by Quicken Loans studio rocket mortgage with you every step of.

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