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The S and P five hundred down twenty WGN traffic gender salvo came. We're seeing more and more accidents on the area roadways. So let's head up to island lake and take a look at one eighty one seventy six in Roberts road. Also in Gray's lake route eighty three southbound at Peterson road, and then on the Edens inbound at lake avenue of vehicle is off in the ditch. The right shoulder is blocked other than that. The Edens is looking good each direction the Kennedy out to O'Hare, not bad at all. But inbound Twenty-three from O'Hara into downtown the Eisenhower up on so Austin, I it's nineteen to Mannheim thirty two to three ninety bound side thirty six from three ninety in to the old post office. It's going to take twenty one in from Mannheim. The Stevenson twenty six to the tristate fifty one out to three fifty five over on the inbound side forty three from three fifty five into lake shore drive. It's going to be twenty eight in from the tri-state, Dan, Ryan twenty two thousand nine hundred fifty. Downside twenty four from ninety fifth into the circle had some slow spots on the Bishop Ford before but they're looking pretty good each way between Hollywood and Monroe on lake shore drive is going to take seventeen minutes at this point. Traffic sponsored by I am the night on TNT TNT's new series. I am the night stars. Chris pine inspired by a true story. This series follows fauna hotel search for her identity and the sinister trail that leads her to connection to Hollywood's infamous black Dahlia murder starring Chris pine. Don't miss the premiere of. I am the night at eight tonight on TNT for personalized traffic on demand. Get the traffic Chicago app approved by the mortgage experts of team hockberg just search T R A F F, I actually goggle I'm John desalvo WGN traffic central.

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