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I'm never gonna forget the photo. Aunt ants dead posted of renee zellweger on his instagram. Are they instagram official now. Is that what this means. That just means we're gonna talk about some relationships really quickly. The first one instagram official. I gotta say hate this category of confirmation. It's very grim official yet. It's like it's usurped. The is usurp the comment. Which the or the the kind of release that i want. The more official release where they give statement instead. It's just we posted pick a positive measure. Gray yeah you know. She doesn't have an instagram only. He does so he's the one who posted it I wonder whose more famous right there's no caption either. It's just it's just a loved up. It's loved up selfie vicki. Takeshi looks she looks to reeled. I'm happy for her unhappy for venezuela shea unhappy for kim whitley. i'm not happy for ason butterfield. Okay that's the recap of. I'm also having for adele heavy for her. She awesome winnipeg official them dating rich. Paul who rich. Paul is a thought she was dating someone else but maybe she wasn't or maybe she thought because people like i saw up in the gallery young. He had got the tattoos all over his body and everyone was like. I guess that's who it is days later. She was spotted with rich. Paul courtside because he is a basketball agent and he's actually kind of he's big deal and that's a good match for her. I feel like he And they're cute they. She's been so private about everything for the past like five years. That is sort of surprising that we've gotten these. I do feel like it together. Adele loves to like go out. I felt she's private but she loves to go out. Does that make sense. She she wants to be private but she also wants to see and be seen. You know what i mean. But she seems fun. She's offering she and she loves to have fun and loves to go to a party right and so it feels it's very To categorize her as private as wrong. I feel like you get a you'd get the interviews difference between three doesn't do interviews and private right but i do feel like she can't even if she doesn't do interviews and isn't really out there. You still get a sense that she's really fun. Which i think is kind of a magical thing with adele is that you still like see glimpses of her and like she looks fun to which it when she went to pieces with jennifer lawrence. What's annoying. i'm rolling my eyes at it. But that's fun. She's fun so now she is. You know out and about with rich paul. Rich paul is lebron james agent literally and like from the very start to the point where lebron james is obviously a superstar and rich. Paul has kind of road that we've alongside him. Picking up other superstars along the way. There's a really long profile of him in the from the june seventh issue. That is kind of just gets the whole thing but it was. They have been professional partners since literally. Lebron james was like like drafted into the nba. Right so i feel like he's must be a sports them. I'm just going to speak for sports people and call uh sports then because he just seems solich integral to the pro. I think he's definitely sports them. Because i think like again not knowing about sports like agents are weirdly like talked about their like celebrities within that world as well that you would know. He's like he's writing a memoir. You know like he is agents and managers. They kind of have to having a high profile is helpful can be helpful to their business. You know to make them look appealing to give them that sort of allure feel like in sports agents and managers do more scouting of young people in. It's more talked about from the beginning versus like actors where you don't really hear about like. Oh this manager picked up this actor like you just really. Don't yell with celebrity managers. You hear the celebrity manager and agent stories are usually. They are dropping their agents or their agents. Drop them your all. Can you believe the same agent for twenty five years. Oh that's us we like. That's of yeah so one thing that i still find funny and i don't know how to put these pieces together. This is back when this was when we were when we both individually read this profile and whenever it was june that was kind of right when his relationship with adele was quote on pablo as a little. So it was sort of like. It's like a where it's like. Where's adele wears it l. We need a dell. We haven't seen a dylan so long like this guy is not a celebrity in the adele as a celebrity. So it's just sort of strange. That like maybe. It's just a coincidence. But i was trying to rack my brain as to figuring out like. Is there something about the timing. Could this timing have been good for both of them. And i'm like i don't i don't think so. I think they were just working on this profile and it happened to coincide with him well in the profile. There's a moment there's a scene. Where one afternoon beverly hills pawn. I walked his living room with mendelssohn. She was over yesterday. Paul said middleton clarified whom he meant dropping the name of a major popstar doing what he asked hanging out. Paul replied why are you hanging out. Mendelsohn ask why. Not paul replied. I wasn't sure whether this exchange was for my benefit. Paul said i'm dating single. Put that in the story. He laughed for the first time all day. So like the writer is even like but the writers even like. Where are you talking about this in front of me. Like i'm standing right here. Like why would you just say this. Obviously you know what. I'm here four. I mean that was the first like leak of it but no one some down until they were spotted together then..

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