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And with big news for all state employees there are no furlough days within this budget we have managed to remove all furlough days from every agency within the budget house budget chair it Terry England says the budget does include a ten percent cut to QB formulas for schools but won't likely be felt by many of the school systems that have built up reserves since the last recession the budget does include a ten percent pay cut for state lawmakers which is part of the bill that must still be passed before they adjourn the session it now will sit on the desk of lawmakers for a few hours before both the house and Senate will vote on it reporting live from the state capitol centre parish ninety five point five WSP all right it's now eighty degrees on Peachtree street at three oh one W. SPT religious Kirk knowledge is looking for storms often on this afternoon and evening Atlanta's most accurate and dependable forecast is straight ahead corona virus cases are spiking in the U. S. and across Georgia WSB is bill chi at your reports the numbers are back to where we were in April all the gains of the past two months are gone Georgia governor Brian camp in Atlanta mayor Keisha lance bottoms are pleading with people to wear a mask of particular concern is a rising cases among young people in Georgia George is now reporting more than sixty nine thousand total cases and that's an increase of seventeen hundred just since yesterday stay with us for our special coming up right after this newscast coronavirus where Georgia stands with WSP is Chris Chandler and all of our hosts for the next sixty minutes former vice president Joe Biden calls health care a critical issue in this year's presidential campaign we're cutting access to insurance while so many businesses run out of business and not able to provide their own their own business health insurance if they have this just seems to me to be close to cruel Pennsylvania Biden warning that protections for people with pre existing conditions could go away if trump is reelected he also accused trump of aiming to significantly cut Medicare Pennsylvania is a key battleground state the trump narrowly won in twenty sixteen Biden was born in scrap local news every thirty minutes and when it breaks ninety five point five W. S. bees depend on it the U. S. house is headed for a vote late this evening on a police reform bill from Democrats use WSP Jamie Dupri I'm Jamie do pre in Washington a month after the police killing of George Floyd Democrats are poised to push a series of police reform and accountability measures through the house congresswoman Karen bass Hey because this is the day we passed legislation to transform policing in America among the many provisions the plan withholds federal money from departments that allow police chokehold and makes it easier to bring lawsuits against police officers for misconduct and WSP Jamie Dupree don't call them the Dixie chicks anymore the country music trio are bidding good bye to the civil war reference in the group's name there now just called the chicks changing their online branding and saying they wanted to meet this moment this after lady antebellum changed its band name to lady eight earlier this month WSPU timed out three oh three just ahead live team coverage of traffic and weather and our coronavirus special where Georgia stands next it just doesn't feel like summer without an ice cold coca Cola.

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