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Estimate. It's ten ten of Frederick county, Maryland man is facing a laundry list of charges after he allegedly shot fireworks into a crowd of people. It's not exactly clear why, but 43 year old Aaron dove of emmetsburg was firing lit fireworks from his vehicle into a crowd and home in the 15,800 block of old Frederick road Friday night. Police say during an argument with one man, dove shot a Roman candle into the man's chest, jumped into his car and drove over the guy's foot, police stopped him, but only after a chase and the use of stop sticks to disabled does car, he's facing 18 charges, including possessing and shooting all fireworks without a permit, as well as assault, reckless endangerment, resisting arrest, and malicious destruction of property. Kyle Cooper, WTO news. A fugitive who was part of a sex trafficking ring in Virginia, Maryland and the district has been sentenced to 18 months in prison. Ramon campos Murillo had gone to Mexico to avoid arrest, but authorities tracked him down in 2021 and had him sent back to the U.S., at least 7 other people have been convicted of related sex trafficking offenses. If you've been to old town Alexandria recently, you've probably noticed some efforts to make it more pedestrian friendly. Now the city wants to hear whether you like that or not. Since Memorial Day and through Labor Day weekend, king street in old town has been a pedestrian only zone from union street down to the water. Now the city of Alexandria is asking for feedback on the pilot program, the online form will be taken feedback through September 13th before the city decides whether to make it permanent. Last October, the city council approved the permanent closure to traffic in the 100

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