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Jerry Jones, Boll, Dallas Cowboys discussed on The Herd with Colin Cowherd


Jerry jones is at the senior boll and he had i thought this was interesting he had this to say in regards to how the dallas cowboys intend to play in the upcoming season we need to take advantage of of what we have indirect a part of that will be expanding the play book i think that's what this offseasons about thing coach what the position coach changes are about is to change it i think you're gonna see a lot more but the variation in terms of schemes in terms of uh of techniques what would that's what jerry jones said would jerry jones meant is like look the idea of expand is it expanding the playbook if we have more designed runs four dak prescott if we have zeke elliott healthy and not suspended for the entirety of the season i you don't want to expand do you want a contract did did they have issues with dak feeding into the offense i guess but part of the problem is the personnel and is a new scheme gonna make dez bryant five years younger or jason whitten five years younger colby's he's got to rap album ever lisa rap album eu kinda jump the shark as the underneath slot wide receiver i the personnel issues which start with the quarterback obviously he feels like can't be fixed or can't be changed or will not be changed but until they do what's the purpose of expanding there are no magical plays well what i want you to do is have some magical plays that make dak prescott a better quarterback that's not going to happen not gonna magically read defense's you might throw it up to dazzle little bit more if you keep does you get in to renegotiate his contract.

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