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Bring us rain throughout the day. But when we drive by late Tuesday in the couple of this interference on come on news right now. Our temperature of 45 degrees overcast, a few spotty showers around greater Seattle skiing by the way and snowboarding today you've got to see Mount Baker still open Crystal Mountain we add to the list White pass all the other areas targeting the first week. Of December. We're told, check the websites to the protocol for Cove. It 19 and also looks like everybody's pretty much on line lift ticket sales on Lee so I can get to those websites when you have Some free time. It is now 8 35 here at coma. Can I still look around and decorating everywhere You see employer people investing in these decorations for something to do and make things brighter and happier. Okay. Seattle's icon Pike Place Market now look glowing Christmas lights of drive by in the Dark. Santa stopped by to help with three tree lighting countdown events yesterday. In fact, this year's tree lighting ceremony scaled way back as you can imagine. Only a few dozen people were able to witness it in person. Last year, of course, like every year standing room, only other lighting events at Westlake Center in the space Needle saw this similarly reduced numbers, and of course, there was no holiday for raid. This year, a restaurant owner and Kirkland plans to make vaccination mandatory for her staff. Right now, Cafe Juanita is only offering pick up orders. In an interview with CNN chef and owner Holly Smith says her staff helped inform her decision to require vaccinations. But she says she's willing to work with people became very clear WASP that for the emotional and physical safety of my team That tighter boundaries for them have felt have felt better now. Legal experts say employers can put health and safety requirements in the workplace. But there could be limits for the vaccine under the FDA is emergency use authorization. There are also federal anti discrimination laws for people, perhaps of medical conditions or religious objections. It's 8 37 here at coma now a waiting game following warnings from health experts about the large gatherings for Thanksgiving camo stick problem takes a look. We certainly plan for the worst and hope for the best. For weeks, Health officials have been fearing that people would come together on November 26th to enjoy the Thanksgiving holiday. During this pandemic. We've learned that indoor home gatherings of the primary places where covert 19 is spreading all of us on this call in air, concerned about what Thanksgiving will bring because covert 19 isn't slowing. Down in our state or across the country. But according to health experts, we won't see how well people behave this holiday weekend until a couple weeks from now what we saw last March and April is that the hospitalizations peaked 1 to 2. Weeks after the case, reports Pete We're also looking at a headline today from Los Angeles. That's where a surge of cases triggered a new state at home order. It takes effect for all of L. A county on Monday. The order bans people from gathering with anyone outside their home. But it's less restrictive. We're told in the order put in place back in March, stores and salons were allowed to stay open with these restrictions. Was it different for shopping on Thanksgiving Day? Walmarts weren't even open stores that world when we're closing at 567, just like it used to be in a scaled back start to the holiday season, downtown Seattle When it came to Black Friday, crowds were scarce. The West Lake area there for the tree lighting. Is it mention shoppers also showed a lot more caution and search. Of those deals during the pandemic, almost Joe Marino, But how local businesses they're trying to make. The best of it is for his foot traffic goes for downtown Seattle shops. Black Friday was a step in the right.

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