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Outside the apartment building here in Silver Spring, loved ones remember 25 year old Melanie Diaz as passionate and kind. At school, she always had the biggest smile. I was left out. She would bring them into the crowd. That's Diaz's boyfriend who also says she was found with her jacket over her dog, Sammy and Ella. Diaz was in her 11th floor apartment when the fire started early Saturday morning. At least 15 other people were injured, standing in front of posters, candles, and stuffed animals, O Dallas, Roberto, reflected on trips to Ulta in Starbucks with Diaz. Every single time I felt alone she would always be there. In Silver Spring, Scott gelman, WTO P news. We have some good news to share with you this morning, three months ago WTO's Neil augenstein was diagnosed with stage four lung cancer, but now it looks like treatments are working well. This is the first CT scan I've had since I started treatment three months ago. My targeted therapy is just one pill a day at home. The scans showed the lesions in my lungs are shrinking and that the cancer hasn't spread any place else. I'm feeling great. My nagging cough is gone, which was the only symptom that led me to get screened for cancer in the first place. From here, a CT scan every three months to monitor the progress in my lungs and keep ahead of any spread elsewhere. Coming up after traffic and weather, the latest on one area police departments struggle to recruit new officers. It's 5 O 6. Life doesn't stop when the economy is uncertain. The market might not care you have a wedding to plan. Or a kid to put through school. An inflation doesn't know you've

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