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You have your emergency fund okayed and we can't enjoy life right it's not about just being cheap and never be him to enjoy life that's not our message it's having the re the restraint when you need it and to be able to enjoy the fruits of your labour once you get to a point where you can and it be responsible net it's okay bill if we come in it is a metaphor great lifestyle it's funny he's accurate it's it's a jab right pat right at the kooky kids exactly now but but if he meant it literally as the dollars and cents involved you're not going to get a home obviously that's as ridiculous as one i literally did say early in my career stuff like you know you'll never you'll never amount to anything if you buy coffee at starbucks i mean 'cause i've asked you know because i put it in the calculator to mimic throw up right but uh but i but it's still was it's absurd because it's concept is i've got to be in control and so the messages congress should lay off the avocado toast in the coffee threat recently for what we're sulaiman spin log you're in congress believable the every dollar out congratulations timothy you're going to get a home mu proven that because you're about to be free in forty days you're working a system you're being intentional you're making your decision by the way you are enjoying something you wanted to enjoy but you found the way to do it without buying at a restaurant and this is just like we had an argument we dead unique looking at you have an article read hearty argued no it at nine year nap about something it was it was in a meeting and they're talking about becoming a millionaire and the things that you can do within your lifestyle to become a millionaire and we were talking about how and you throughout we'll look at the million or study the details from his and how he must niners have a grocery have at a grocery store but you said like just because you have this aggressor doesn't gonna make you lionair now payoff house you're probably going to become a.

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