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If they're talking about an indoor event that could see 10,000 people and they're saying 300 are allowed in there, but that's based on this wording. That is kind of what I'm seeing. I have a friend. Who his son plays soccer. His son also plays hockey and he goes and watches his son play soccer, and they spread out and they're outside and they're you know, they bring their own chairs and all that. And there's no mask. They don't have to wear a mask. For the most part, there are people going tohave to wear masks at the far a spectator sporting events. The person that they're supposed to. Yes. Um, good luck with that. Um, you know the 15% when really bothers me again. What's going on in the summer way have contest now, right? Were it seems to me that we're tightening things up. And and make in putting more restrictions. So you know, I don't know and they are going toe. He did indicate they're going to pull the event. So you know the brownshirts air coming out, and I'm sure that everybody is compliance, and it does not. Then you know, they shut the game down or as school or do whatever. But you know, it's interesting, right? We've sponsoring the summer sports leagues and these types of restrictions weren't weren't placed. At least not not across the board. And the last I checked, you still get on an airplane and fly somewhere did on the bus. It doesn't make sense. The 15% seating capacity. Uh, Jack Windsor, I I appreciate you taking a few minutes to try to make sense of this because it is from one day to the next schizophrenic is not even beginning. That's an understatement, too, trying to describe the all of the different ways that this happens on a twice a week at this point, So, Josh Man, I I appreciate taking a couple of minutes trying to help us unpack it. And it means a lot because I know you're real busy, But thanks, brother. I appreciate it. We'll talk again soon. Thank you, brother. Thank you, too. Man. Traffic and weather together from temp start heating and cooling products. Jonah Hill. Besides blocking accident, South bound Alan Creek, south of 2 70. Near the Grove port Roundabout medics are just arriving. They are blocking all lanes.

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