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Bowl edition of buy sell and hold time to. Collar will decide if he'll by itself. Fold? Seller, hold Jared Goff. We'll have more passing yards than Tom Brady. Well, so far in the poll season. Gough is averaging two hundred eighty seven yards passing and Brady's averaging two hundred eighty yards passing. And it should be noted of the GOP going up against that. Unbelievable. Dallas Cowboys defense, but also throw this in the Rams as underdogs could likely be behind late in the game, forcing them to throw more. So John Jared Goff will have better total yardage numbers than Tom Brady by cellar hole. This will be the first Bella check Brady Super Bowl decided by more than one possession. Well, this is interesting because the Rams had half of their over half their games decided this year nine of the ram game decided by more than one possession. And the patriot twelve of their games this year decided. By more than one possession. I am also predicting high scoring football game. So John, I think I think the higher score is in the game. The more chance it's an eight point game. I think we're gonna have turnovers I think we're going to have big plays. And I think what other whatever side wins. It's going to be by eight nine points by seller. Hold a quarterback will win Super Bowl MVP. Well, I mean, that's generally what we expect. Right. Here's something to consider. This is the most run Centric patriot team. I think maybe ever since Tom Brady's early years and since the loss of Cooper cop. The Rams are much more run Centric. So you have very good running games and excellent. Each could be the two best offensive lines right now the two healthiest offensive lines in football. In fact, this post-season the Rams and the patriots have the most rushing yards per game. Any teams in the playoffs? They'd combined for twelve rushing touchdowns this postseason. So John sell sell sell. I think running back more likely than gob and Brady is the MVP by seller. Hold Tom Brady will throw more interceptions than Jared Goff. All right. So let's let's state the facts I in the last four games is thrown one pick Brady's four right Goth tends to be more comfortable throwing the sidelines. Young quarterback away from traffic berating tends to be more comfortable throwing the ball in between the hash marks more. Congestive. I also think the Rams will put more pressure on Brady then Trey flowers and the patriots front will put on Jared Goff. Also, if you look at each once favorite weapon, the Rams do a lot of bootleg action easier. Throws two tight ends and a Robert woods whose fast enough to separate. Whereas the primary targets for Tom Brady are gronk who does not separate an ethical man who catches everything but also not separate. So Tom throws. More congested areas and will this Sunday with more pressure on him. So John radio throw a pack. I don't think off well mysolar. Hold Julian Edelman will be the leading receiver again. Had a very good postseason. Do you realize that Julian Edelman leaves the National Football League in receiving yards? This postseason with two hundred forty seven. First of all he's got deceiving. Speed. He's not a great separator cut. He's pretty quick. He is as a slot guy. He's real quick. He gets open over the last twenty five years element has the most career receiving yards in postseason, isn't that remarkable? Is that remember in these big games and you have two weeks to prepare generally the star perimeter receiver is doubled. You don't spend all week worrying about slop receiver enjoying element and Tom Brady are very comfortable together incredibly so whereas I do think if ballot check had a game plan it will be to take Robert woods away from Jared Goff. So John I think Julian Edelman beard and all will be the leading receiver in this Super Bowl game. And last one by solar hold Colin. You will recognize at least three songs in maroon five's halftime show. All right. They have a song called sugar. Right. I'm gonna go. Sure. A lot of songs with the word love, and they have a song called payphone. That's all they have a song. Oh. God, I can't it's their biggest hit like Jagger. Okay. This love love. That's this. That's why you're here. This law. Face. People that know music, I was supposed to give you a hold on this. But I feel like you're it's actually a by at least three would you not acknowledge joy, this makes me more attractive as a male? Five songs. And then I've got a little twist to my not really I mean, I I do this was called guslan throw shade on on on. Maroon five. You don't like. The NFL canceled their press conference today. Why was that? Martin thing.

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