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Las Vegas, trash can. They're not just serving a trash can and the fucking rule anyway. An entire trash. It's like a little trash can. Okay. Yeah, I don't know what I bet. If I was having a bachelor party, I could probably get him this. Rubbermaid. Phil, this is not show sky, classic Jordan's, getting married Jordan classic like Oscar. The grouch type trash can or modern rubbermaid trash can. Oh. Have to consider what's easiest to transport cleanliness? Probably also an issue. I mean, I'm gonna eat not just out of this thing. I mean, I'm not disgusting going to be brand new gotta be a brand. New can. Yeah, got a brand new and mostly what I said when I got my Buttle. So there you go. There you go. Yeah, I think that you wanna metal trash can with cool, but if it was harder to transport, I'd probably have to go with the rubbermaid. Yeah, not Not you. sure I could see that. Do you think that your lack of opposition to his aesthetics is based on some kind of nostalgia for your lived experience of nineteen Ninety-seven? Well, I live in a trash can. I just kind of protective of him because I think that he and I feel listen, I, I'm even maybe feel a little bit guilty. I mean, because I was writing for late night, television in the Aira of peak guy. Fieri joke, and I've made some taking some shots right. And yes. So I think I'm just trying to get right with God trying to get right Wisconsin right with God, right with guy. So yeah, I think I'm, I think I'm, you know, I feel like I've done. I've done more damage than most to the reputation of guy Fieri and just want to want to walk it back a little bit. Yeah, understand that I feel the same way about smashmouth every time there's a fun story about them tweeting with or about bay area. Sports figures or coming out in favor of cuddling gets. Remember that. The DJ Colette controversial. Deejay brow would give you. Where did he said that. Oh. Sure. He's super bad. College getting his power from earth's yellow sun. This is funny. Yeah, I think it's EJ Callard set an interview that he does not eat eat pussy pussy. Because he is the king, right? He's and smashmouth re tweeted that remark with a king who doesn't is no king at all. And since gorgeous? Yes, it does. It force you to think about the guy from smashmouth munching box? Sure. But. Worse thing? Yeah, it's on the right side of history, morally gorgeous. Sure. Gorgeous man and his d'esposito really better than all star. I don't know. I don't know. I don't know. I don't know. It's not for you to judge. Not for me to judge. Only God only guy. I just think to act. We just got rich on t shirts, just, okay, guys, don't make that t shirt before hand. Andy love Ryan loves. Loves started. Crying Email are. Only guy can judge me, I think. No, that's yours. Copyright that two bottles thing. Got a brand new k. does a nice piece of business. You could sell it to other. I think we need a new set of the to the carrot tops. The guy Fieri is the the kind of cultural Goto because I found most of those people seem to be a knock US true. They seem like, why can't we throw Louis c. k. why can't that be over. If we're gonna, make fun of literally started with that, sees at the top of the show. We're trying to make a friendly podcast. Let's take the next. Let's cleanse the palate. Describe any problematic scenes for four. There's glory ho that's call Jesse and guess this is Joanie calling in from New South Wales strategy, and you pause this Ryan. Here's what I love about the voice memo, rich, sonorous quality. Everybody sounds like Yahoo serious. Okay, press play. Jordan. Jesse guests this journey calling in from New South Wales ustralia recently. One of my friends went to Sydney on a school trip. Anyone to one of those little Cade machines they have in malls and he wanna pay us full. That's all by. Okay. Calls are. Well, it's Susie said New South Wales. I was like, okay, so you're not an actual Sydney, which means there's nothing much left. So I liked it as friend, went to Sydney and won a PS four. So even his moment that some strong geography, you learn that it Wesleyan? Yeah..

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