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I've gotten to the point with him where I wouldn't rule it out. He clearly a surprising everybody Remember in spring training, I asked Mike Trout. Okay, You know what Could Otani be capable of now that the angels are taking the bubble wrap off them and you know, trout. I mean, trout is Mr You know, Mr Glass half full, Mr Optimism. And he absolutely was saying, You know what he could have a year as a pitcher? He could have 10 plus wins. 30 plus home runs. What did he miss? That He clearly is getting a lot better, and we're seeing him. You know that. That all manifest I do think it's possible. And you do wonder, too. You know as we go along if he starts to satisfy sites on 60, what is he capable of? Because he loves the stage. We really learned that about him this year. Now they sort of had the bubble wrap taken off. I think he just loves challenges. If he starts chasing 60 with all the cops we make to him and Babe Ruth, my head's going to explode. Like if that ends up being an actual story, and he starts to calm. Babe Ruth was 60 potential home runs that would just be out of this world. I was talking to Shawn Estes last week about Otani and about the future of the two way player and ask those things that Otani is going to be a guy who inspires kids now or young players to sort of become this. But he also said he thinks it's going to hinge on a player who is an international player that the model of baseball in the United States with college Players and with high school players coming out. It's going to be tough to bring a guy through the minor leagues basically training him at both positions, whereas Otani came from Japan and already been doing both at a high level. What do you think of that take or that thought process. Well, and Sean knows far more about it than I do. But I do think that he his point. And if I'm reading it correctly, is that he basically saying that the imagination is not as flowing over here as it is in other places where, you know, especially professional organizations, they effectively make these guys choose. I mean, you know, I've heard stories about Frey Freeman when he was pitching in high school. How good he was Andrelton Simmons around 97 98 miles an hour. That wasn't even a consideration. It was like, Well, you're either going to be a pitcher or you're going to be a hitter, and there have been some examples of that. But I don't. I'm not as confident that there's necessarily going to be a high volume of that. Because I just think Otani is so special. I wish I could remember the first person I heard mentioned this, but I've stolen it about five or six times. Otani is best conference, not Babe Ruth. Connie's Beth Comp is Bo Jackson that you have someone at an extremely high level. Uh, master two sets of completely different skills. Which is I think why you know Kevin Durant. He's showing up in Yankee Stadium to watch him. My J. J. Watt is tweeting about him because those guys understand how special that is for someone you know, to master those completely different sets of athletic skills. That is a great compound home Run Derby tonight. Real quick on the Giants best record in baseball. How aggressive at the deadline. Do you think they'll be? Very aggressive because the players have earned it and because they have all that payroll flexibility, which I'm sure you guys have talked about. You know, Once you go past this year and Brandon belt Brandon Crawford come off the books You know you're going to have an option year on Buster Posey and the presumption among teams. The other teams is that they'll pick up that option for next year. They they they could do a lot of things. And let me tell you something. You know, month ago we looked at this is being The sort of market where the prices are really high. The way that this is developed in the National League West Teams are mostly responsible for this. It's very polarized, and as we sit here today, they're only 12 teams that have a better chance of making the playoffs better than 38%. And what that means is it's going to turn into a absolute buyer's market. And so let's say, for example, this is just me riffing. I don't have specific information. Let's say the Cubs go down the last 72 hours for the deadline. They're selling Rizzo by as Bryant. Uh, they're going to be calling around two teams in all likelihood, saying, Look, we can't find the deal we want. What do you give him for us? They're going to be selling at 60 cents on the dollar. And some of these guys, the twins will be doing that as well. I can't tell you specifics about what the Giants could get out of that. Darren a tremendous position to add, Uh because of the you know the lack of long term obligations that they have financial great stuff. But should we look forward to seeing you tonight? And it's always great talking to you. Thank you so much. Thanks, Buster. Thanks for having me guys. Thanks for listening to podcast. Yeah, of course. Yeah. That Buster underscore ESPN. Like you said, the podcast is great. In fact, it's also got he mentioned Peter Alonso and the pitchers and how important they are to the home run Derby. He's got some of that on there as well. So make sure that you take a listen by the way you missed any that could've came br dot com. The entire interview, and we'll get all the interviews up there, Buster being the latest, right. We told you something that we were texting about back and forth this morning about the home run Derby will give you that coming up next about 20 minutes. We'll give you the four pieces of sound today that you need to hear in the foreplay coming up next here on the SportsCenter. You're smart speaker.

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