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Art of his game. Yeah that's a really great point. Connor one thing that stood out to me with the titans also. Is they fall into this. Fourteen zero hole in this game. That would really be important for their division lead and it's sort of reminiscent of other spots at their season right. They lose to the jets which hey is now becoming the thing for good teams but they don't get down right. They fall into a fourteen zero whole not a big deal so i think there are pretty tough team that can create chances and create opportunities. And if something doesn't go right so they could figure it out the next week so there are a lot of attributes to like and it really has been impressive. I'm really glad you detailed how the titans have built this because it is pretty impressive. The way it's worked out. Yeah and that was a great point too. When you mentioned the patriots i think the patriots certainly come to mind the seahawks come to mind where it's that constant. Churn you know what i mean. There's not there's no solidified positions in you know. It seems like every year they draft a guy in the first round him for years later. He's just discarded. They let him go in free agency. Corey davises with the jets. Dorie jackson is with the giants you know and they don't care about that kind of stuff. no-one on their roster is making more than seven percent of the salary cap. I think that's totally fascinating kind of thing. So you know it's sort of this like it's what you would strive to do right if you were general manager. And like that's how they taught you how to do it by the book. But of course everyone is obsessed with the idea of winning on a rookie quarterback's contractor doing all this other stuff and so i don't know it's just an interesting thing Fund win for the titans. And they didn't even need derrick henry in this i think it was like twenty seven carries for sixty some yards or something like that. It was a pedestrian by derrick henry standards game in they still managed to pull it out. Talboys bike all.

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