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I'm John Shafer. A bus driver for the Clark county school district has been accused of sexually assaulting two women. Fifty five year old Cesar Jimenez was arrested during a traffic. Stop earlier this month was driving a car that matched the description Las Vegas. Metro police had been given by one of the women who said she was attacked is accused of assaulting that woman at gunpoint Henderson is landed on money magazine's list of the best cities to live in Henderson comes in at number forty on the list of the top fifty best places to live in America. Money magazine. Partnered with realtor dot com and looked at factors like quality of life, affordability and economic growth. President Trump is standing by supreme court pick Brett Cavanaugh amid a sexual assault allegation. Just days ago Kavanagh's confirmation appeared all but certain there is some doubt. Now that the president's ruling out withdrawing the judge's name next question. What a ridiculous question he's still backing having character one of the finest people that I've ever known. But in a sign of just how politically perilous the Cavuto allegation is in the metoo age. The president's defense is somewhat muted saying he wants the Senate to go through a complete process and here everybody out before eventually confirming his second high court pick. Thanks, a little delay. It'll take a little delay. Saga megani? At the White House. Japanese billionaire Yusaku may has always going to be the first person to head to space on a SpaceX rocket. He says he will invite sixty eight artists architects designers and other creative people on a week long journey to circumnavigate the moon the space x bef are rocket will make the trip in twenty twenty three the Las Vegas. Fifty ones have entered into a two year player development contract with the Oakland. A's the fifty one we'll be moving into Las Vegas ballpark brand new facility in downtown Summerlin. The team will also be changing their name before that move with a check on our weather. Here's news threes. Kelly Curran, we're looking at plenty of sunshine again today and a little bit of a breeze isn't get into the afternoon the forecast..

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