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I would find a way to spend more money so that I was living just at the means. So well, what do you think is far as that goes as well. That's definitely. True to. We have to. Start seeing things. With our own eyes? Instead of letting the actions of others. Be the directives of the path that we choose to walk. We have to start making our own path. and not letting others choices influence what we do. So did you look? Did you look at your addiction like you had a relationship with it like it was there for you when you need it kind of nobody else was there for you but it was there or what was what was your stance on how you Future Addiction. I loved it. One hundred percent I. loved it. And now. I look back and see how sick that is. But I did I loved it. I hurt so many people because of. And it's the trickle effect. We don't even realize it were affecting people that are three or four connections away from us You know because of our irrational thoughts, irrational decisions because our. Our addiction lies to us on a day to day basis in tells us that everything's GonNa be okay. Everything's GonNa be fine and. One thing is like. I don't know how many how many problems addiction cars you while you were going through it. Now, I have countless experiences and for some reason when I think about having another drink like when that if that crosses my mind when I think I right away remember the good times our brains nationally program the Oh yeah. We have a couple like, for instance, I remember one time. a couple years ago. I remember this specifically because I had a goal to go out have two drinks. And then go home and be in bed by eleven. And I remember that experienced to the T. I can I remember what the bartender was weighing I remember the table we sat out I could walk downtown and I could show you what time of year wasn just show you exactly the entire expanse because I, I want my brain programs me to remember that one case. So the. So, that with if I did decide to relapse that would help influence my decision. Do you have? Do you have any experiences like if you think of your diction something that sticks out to you causing a bit the the tries to detour you in you got instantly kind of catch it and realize it's it's an irrational thought..

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