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I'm going to to answer your question say three things they have that has trumped the lack of experience in no particular order of importance one excellent coaching brett brown saw this through the fire the team allowed him to see this through the fire so he has the respect of his players and he is proven to be a very sharp head coach point to team building as a whole adding ersan ilyasova marco belen elliot's alluded to realizing you know what instead of overpaying on a multi year contract for a b plus player why don't we way overpay on a one year contract for a be level player who fits us perfectly in jj rennick things like that where they are we talked about the rockets they have a similar analytical approach to what are good shots what are bad shots and the players we acquire are going to focus on the good shots rather than the bad shots robert covington another example one of the hidden gems of the process and point three is this they got swagger man and i it matters in the when we talk about playoff experience one of the things reasons that matters is you have to have the confidence that at the moment is not too big for you and joel embiid and ben simmons carry themselves with this swagger of i am the best player not only in this game but in every game i play in you cannot stop me some of that swagger just comes from physical size that in every game joel and beads played in essentially since he's sixteen years older he's been the most physically imposing guy and by the way ben simmons same thing with him as far as guys at his position so then carry themselves with almost a tough guy bravado that has proven out to work thus far in the playoffs like they they have a punch you in the face defense they played a frenetic pace and this year if they don't turn the ball over when they turn the ball over a bunch there five hundred team when they turn the ball over just less than seventeen times things still have four turnovers a quarter they're thirty five and nine if they take care of the basketball because they take such high efficiencies shots because they have so much talent and because they're so well coached.

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