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That's a m a c dot u s slashed been aimak amacus slash ben all right let me get straight back to this other issue we've been talking about earlier and that's the issue of al franken al franken has just done an interview uh and a half under the first of four allegations of sexual misconduct against senator franken saunas franken is finally broke his silence and says that he's kind of a victim he felt shocked embarrassed and ashamed but he says i'm not leaving the senate here is more of what i'll franken said on its earlier in this interview that he had earlier today this interview that he that he had earlier today was one where he you know clearly i guess thinks that americans will feel sorry for him or people in minnesota at least will feel sorry for him and he says i'm not leaving the senate here's more vat you'd senator five statements since the first allegation of sexual misconduct was levelled against he which was november sixteen for women to anonymous have made claims in in your written state not definitively denied any of the accusations i'm curious was the public to make of that uh oh well first of all uh swan say that this whole thing has been uh in in darasing and uh you know uh uh uh she and it's been difficult uh but uh i part of that is that i want to uh respect um a woman's experience uh very often there are these kinds of things and uh allegations and that i believe that when and listen to uh this is why i'm doing i'm taking responsibility i apologize to the women's felt disrespect i i just said since her quick he says i'm taking response bility and women universe you know for this but i am not stepping down five a i've apologized sort of but i say i can't remember any the instances their describing the only instance i can remember is the photograph that you've seen but outside that none of it i remember but i'm sorry i'm apologizing that's that's came agitprop public can what the media would be doing now franken i am to everyone i blood down that's a lot of people uh.

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