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Everyone associated with it players coaches administrators just a chance to be around the servicemen and women for these couple days. Cancer represent the university of Texas at a place where obviously there's much much bigger things going on than sports basketball. And then for guys at such a young age, a real shot at at perspective and opportunity to see some other areas of life that maybe they don't think so much about in their little corner of the world. Guys, got some perspective with with Andrew Jones in the diagnosis of leukemia. How is he doing? I know he got in a game big big ovation to take us through him and his journey with with you your team and everything involved with him. Eagle coach he's making strides attitude about the whole process of working is way back. He's not all the way back to full strength. Obviously he really finished up several months of treatment at the end of August. And literally the next month started school and starting workouts with us. So it's been a work in progress. You know, he he was such a high level player before he went down that is expectation is to get back to that point for for, you know, in his own mind really wants to do that on our side of things. We're just so happy that he. Doing well. And he's in school on the court, and we're just excited about him working his way back to full strength. It's an amazing story to me again. That's I'm outside or looking in. I tweeted this out after game someone's cut a clip of of your game the other day that that was the best play of the day. And that was the best win of the year. Just in being out there celebrating life because let's face it, a ten months ago. Just the thought of being out there probably was far beyond anyone's. Everyone's hope, but it wasn't maybe anyone's reality. So firm to be out there. I just thought it was fabulous. But now you gotta play games. You gotta put a team on the court to help you win. I look at your team. Shocker am I on it or off it right now? You're back court. Looks more like a big twelve winning backward than maybe since you've been there is that somewhere in vicinity. We got a really good quit. My first year here we had a lot of older guys. We love the ball after that first year. You're right coaches. One of the courts that you know, we feel can be one of the better hand in the big twelve. But at the same time, we got to go make it happen. Matt Coleman was I started last year as a freshman started. Every game went through the ups and downs and twists and turns of playing against the trae Young's Carter's tape grams in our Lee, but I think he's much much better for it. He sturdier he's better incur would roads. As a senior. I think has an opportunity phenomenal year. You can keep getting better coach how you mentioned guys leaving. You've had guys go bomb blast you the island kid put backup are the guards. You mention different from VCU where you where you established havoc and away you go. How's that been? How're you?.

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