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Ahead and you know, take the plunge is all I can say 1 809 37 88 50 Pledge online at kqed dot orc slash donate you news of the world that is very heavy. Believe me, I listened to a lot of it and I get it. So what can you do? What can we do? We can be part of the solution by being a member of KQED Public radio. Indeed, and our friends Gerry and Sandra Drat Lor are going above and beyond, as members that are concerned citizens and people who love quality journalism by putting $2000 on the line this hour if you get on board in the next couple of minutes, all the way up, frankly, to the top of the hour. You will have your gift. Be a $5.10 dollars $20.1 time gift of $100. It will be doubled. That's a great return on your money, But it's not gonna happen until you make that gift of support. So please give us a call 1 809 378850. Or go to the website KQED dot org's slash donate and thank you, Greg. And we'll check in with you again later. Right now we're gonna go to traffic. It's Joe McConnell. Among the traffic jams. Southie ditty Before 9 80 down towards Oak Street. It's slam because of a two or three different crashes have been reported over the last 40 minutes or so. Caltrain number two of five is delayed 21 minutes at the Hayward Park Caltrain station because of mechanical problems. 12 westbound Jamison Canyon Road, Mid Canyon Report of a crash their new details where we can see it's backing up to red Top. Joe McConnell for KQED. Thank you, Joe. It's time now. For perspective. That's part of our daily listener. COMMENTARY. SYRIZA's too Marce Erna breaks the mold of everything you think of when you imagine a corporate accountant and maybe that's a good thing. Here's her perspective. I grew up listening to the cramps, skinny puppy butthole surfers and drinking their outside Rocky Horror Picture show on University Avenue, Paolo Alto. I did drugs was arrested and ended up homeless. Thankfully, all that is long behind me. But being a punk rocker with a shady past is still part of who I am through hard work and wild twists of fate and now lead the worldwide accounting function for foreign currency software company. When I was a little girl and never dreamed of booking journal entries. I'm working with auditors. It seemed and synthetic Aeltus my life. Many imagine a corporate accountant as a man in a business suit a woman in a pencil skirt with a blazer. Even here in Silicon Valley with its casual stereotypes. If you don't get the corporate mold, there's a good chance you are not taken seriously. In my case, it is resulted in job rejections, missed opportunities and sometimes contempt. I may have visible tattoos. I am a bad ass accountant with a personal history that taught me the value of hard work investing in myself and others humility, thinking outside the box and being tenacious as hell. My untraditional experiences has added perspective in value to corporate environment that shouldn't be overlooked. Unfortunate, But I'm at a point in my career that I could be authentic about these experiences, but I know many others aren't Alcohol, drugs and homelessness often and unfairly defined someone rather than being a small part of what's being offered. It takes guts and ownership for anyone with such a past to apply for a position, and it demonstrates the growth mindset that managers often look for I believe and savory experiences build character that most colleges can't offer and these experiences can be refrained to include the value they bring. Potential is about the future, not past history or alternative looks. Not everyone fits the mold that maybe it's time the corporate mold was broken. With Doc Martens, safety pins and a perspective I'm tame arse. Erna Tamer CERN A is a mosh, pitting corporate accountant born and raised in the South Bay. You can share your thoughts on her commentary online at kqed dot org's slash perspectives. And that's also where you can find out how to submit one of your own support for perspectives.

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