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That's one of the reasons why the score was one zero seven to one zero seven at the end of regulation because kevin durant wasn't making any shots in overtime he didn't make a shot at he didn't even attempt the shot that's unacceptable someone who's being considered as the second best player in the lead we expect our superstars to be superstars and he's not doing there right now so what happens if tonight he has forty points what are we going to say that good well thank you for doing your job right but if he doesn't in the warriors still win doug matter well let me ask question what do you think that kevin durant is somebody who affects the game without the basketball enough when he's not scoring then what i mean what's the criticism i mean he's he's do criticism right now lebron excuse me kevin durant is not showing up in the fourth quarter i his team needs him in the fourth quarter i think another important point is that last year when when katie lebron squared off in the finals as according to the media really and to them as well as equals where we're katie was like this is the missing piece in my legacy i know that it's me and lebron we are at the top there is no one close to us and we all kind of had to agree because as i said he averaged thirty five points in the finals in one mvp his first time in the finals it was the second time in the finals but his first time with like a legitimate shot to win it because the thunder were so young when when he was there but we all said when the summer ended the season ended in the summer went on like kevin durant lebron james toss up you'd love to have either one on your team and now lebron of course because he has to but also because he can is playing at a level that steve kerr himself said we have not seen in the history of basketball there could be an element of k d being punished because the broncos playing so well the the juxtaposition the contrast between dare to the.

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