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Bryant is your point. Same thing. Yeah I think. I think it is. I. Think There's one thing that I could probably add to it, and that's just that we've had a lot of inbound interest and a lot of them are saying things like now that were. Home Working Remotely We're sort of investigating better ways to work online, and so now is actually a good time to consider your tool. and. So. For me, that was a big turning point in my. Psychology because I think it went from just preparing for the plane to crash to now thinking like Maybe this is kind of a bizarre opportunity. To help folks out that previously weren't even considering a tool I gather. So that's yet to that itself but that uptick and optimism was I feel like my high point and it's it wasn't just one particular event is just Kinda like after several of those kinds of conversations and sales inquiries came in. It changed my opinion about our possibilities. When I look across the portfolio of companies that are part of tiny seeds I, two batches or that I've invested in. Personally it looks like they're about fifteen percent they're having real struggles with the impact of the pandemic on the industry they serve another seventy percent are waiting to see what happens perhaps cutting back on expenses and generally seen growth plateau. and. Then there's the fifteen percent of companies for whom remote work is a boon and their growth is accelerating faster than ever. We'll have to see future conversations whether gather ends up in this upper echelon. I'm hopeful but with a little good fortune and more smart decisions from Brandon Scotty, their growth will continue. But gather hasn't been completely untouched by the pandemic and Brian Scott have struggled through their own setbacks anxieties before reaching this place of relative optimism I'm curious to hear Brian last time we spoke the thing you're most looking forward to most excited about was was some new features that you thought which begin to overcome. Some be objections that you're hearing from the larger customers. Where does that stand? Since the COVID nineteen crisis is taken off we've had to. Cut Expenses to ensure that we can survive a little longer than we thought make sure that our our runway last. So one of those major expenses unfortunately was cutting our developer in half. So when we did that, we kinda also had to make the tandem decision to like at least pause on some of the bigger features that I was excited about. Building that would move further into the enterprise zone. So there was definitely sort of a moment of disappointment that came from that for sure. But we have since just kind of shoring up a lot of the. Issues that we have or gaps in small little features improvements, and so you know even though the big features are on hold for a little while it felt really good to get some of those things out the door and they made our existing customers really happy and that's kind of in line with our philosophy now that it's really important that we make. Our existing customers happy and sort of avoid the churn that comes with unhappy customers. So long wave saying, yeah. Disappointing that don't get to do those things, but we'll get back to eventually sounds like the right approach thinking about it the right way Brian I'm curious to hear what your big setback where your low point has been since last time we spoke. I don't know if you've heard, but there's been this virus that's been sweeping the world. Tell me about it. Sorry Yeah I. Mean I think it's probably the same thing that people have been going through. It's just been figuring out how this much larger. Macro economic situation is going to affect. US. Everybody's staying in, and so we serve customers who inherently work on physical spaces in the world. Designing interiors and further upmarket designing things like hotels in cruise ships which are industries that got. Obviously really nailed during this thing. So the low part was just going Oh. Oh crap. This whole thing is GonNa fall down. And you know we had several of these smaller turns the did add up to kind of a bad month last month. Scotty. For me, I think. Staying focused has just been really difficult. I. Think last week was probably the first week that I really felt like my head was back in the game. You know having our son home from school all the time. It makes it difficult to really focus in just in general but then to also have this distraction of you know what's happening in the world and so I mean I think overall you know it's it's been. Just. Sort of down the last few weeks. But I'm feeling like I'm.

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