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To really weather. The storm of of the arm injuries and being the closer. He said a pretty good season so far. He really has I'm telling you, he comes in, maybe he's not the Mark Melanson you know, the ninth inning will shut the door down, but he's got value. There's no doubt in my mind. He's got value. Now, the contract is prohibitive. And the guys who close. Now were part of the bullpens they don't get deals like this. I mean maybe the best. Do but Milan's, not in that category anymore. But I'll tell you something, and this is may the nineteenth. And if we're having this conversation on July nineteenth, if he's still got thirty appearances thirty two appearances, and he's still, you know, sort of mowing them down and not getting into a lot of trouble. He's got value. I think everybody in this bullpen has value to the game of baseball of twenty nineteen the way the game is played today just looking at the of course, the giants win today, three two and look forty five games are played hundred seventeen to go and you know, we've got so much ground to cover. The giants are twenty and twenty five Colorado got beat again today. They're not having a good season at all. And frankly they're not heading in the right direction right now cow. Freeland got knocked out again, but at any two-thirds for him today, they're now twenty and twenty five the Padres lost again today. March vicious, he's been sent down to the minor league. League's Cal Quantrill Paul Quantrill son, right handed pitchers brought up. They lost again today to Pittsburgh. They're twenty three and twenty four Arizona. Now's twenty five and twenty two. The dodgers win again there, thirty one and seventeen and boat racing everybody. But when you look at it. Arizona's five and a half back. The giants are nine and a half back. The jets four back of being in second place. So there is something to play for. And who knows where a season like this goes, but you hope and so, in pointed out to me on Twitter, I think sense of Johnny la- master, that the more games you win the more tradeable your players are. And if you have to redo this thing you want to have players who are on the upswing. So it's a good win today for the giants. It's a good week of baseball, and we'll see what they do here coming up if you're down in the fisherman's, wharf area, left deal duals, of course, is the place to go. I talked a lot about the old lefties and the, the hoffbrau will that's been recreated down at the new lefties on fisherman's Warf, right next to the wax museum. But it's got the giants dugout store in there. There's a Starbucks in there. And of course, it's a buffet now as well, which really is a lot of fun to be able to do that. So if you're down in the fisherman's, wharf area, absolutely check it out. All right. Giants win three to two in ten innings Sandoval, the dramatic home run in the top of the tenth Crawford. One of the best place he'll ever make the save the game in the bottom of the ninth panic also tremendous play for him. Let's touch on panic before we go to the calls. Panic came into this season, sort of fighting for a job. Not a lot of power. Not a to range with all the shifts going on the second baseman. It's gotta play all over the place sometimes. Even as a fourth outfielder my goodness. Well he came in and much much much better shape very determined. Joe panic is fighting for his job. He hasn't market. I think he's a second basement. He's a gold Glover. He can help a team and who knows where he's going to end up. However, what he's done for the giants over the last sixteen games. He's gotten on every game. He's starting to score runs. He made an error last night but his defense with Crawford. Of course, those double plays or just story. Book the way, does it. He's having a very good season. He really is so against right handed pitching, which are going to see some righties now with the Braves. They're going to see three of the four player pitchers for the Braves are going to be right handed, and you'll have panic and Doug at the top of the lineup. So let's see what he can do back at oracle park, but Joe panic very, very good season being noticed. And again, if this is something that Farhan is going to do to try to rebuild this team. And you have to say that is what he's doing. He's going to have a lot to work with with Joe panic, if Joe continues to play like this. So a very good for him now Donovan Solano today, and I talk about guys coming off the bench. You can't just sit on the bench. And you've got to come off and play different positions. Solano made a couple of terrific plays at short today. Solarte's, nah. Never would have made this play. Alan hansen. Never would have made this play. Solano went a couple of plays one in the whole one of the middle and showed a tremendous arm backing up Crawford today. Plus, he got a hit and he got a big hit in the inning with the giants got a couple of runs. He poked the ball to right field. I like what I see with him so far. I really do. Donovan solano. So I know not many people know who he is. They're not going to mention him but he was a big part of the victory today. Donovan Solano another guy for the giants coming off the bench. All right. Let's go to a good friend Patrick, and Detroit. Patrick eight Cambior. Nice to have you with us. Completion email. I got a new name problem, dusty rose twenty nine teen. Yeah, well, it's kind of a little bit of that for folks who don't know at dusty Rhodes, premier pinch hitter for the New York Giants in the mid to early fifties and a World Series hero. But it's it's what baseball was all about then. And it was guys who had careers and the last three or four years, taking him up to thirty seven thirty eight years old. They would be pinch hitters and they'd come off the bench and the they that's exactly what they would do. And they would come through that sort of what you're talking about the difference in today's world is they gotta play dusty. Rhodes couldn't play the outfield. You couldn't catch rain. Was wollen you know, just the could hit. But for Sandovol he's got to be able to play places today. And that's the difference with the nationally bench of only four players. Grow you up was he crew from the list you wanted to be a shortstop to create you went to the right side. The choice up. Yeah. He was talking told us at that story Friday in the dugout he told us that story now he can't throw left handed because of the shoulder surgery. So now he only he only throws right handed now. I would definitely keep them to see what the giants. So they got a good chance of you over quite wonder not understood some stand, but the next one because you got four hundred three with them. Arizona getting going the road with Miami Baltimore in the Mets could beat up on Miami. And Baltimore the Mets eighty he'll come on with the dodgers again for four three I believe it is. And I think they can be the four to LA fight one on the Knicks poster. Well, they don't unfortunately they don't beat up on anybody. And they're doing better on the road because they they're hitting better on the road than they are at home on the road. Now, there are eleven and thirteen and I'd have to look it up. But I'd say last year there was something like probably twenty nine and fifty two. Right. Yeah. Getting openers. Has no chance to win a game when he when he started to open it. He who's a game he can save a game. What I'd mean? Basically do Dacia what an opener pitcher three innings. If he goes meetings, we got a chance to get away with it. Yeah. You bring up a good point. And it's been written about this week that the winds in baseball are really being diminished. Because a starting pitcher is, is not even going to five innings and the opener for sure. Takes that away as well. That may be I don't see it happening yet, but when you evaluate players for Cooperstown, and how many wins they have the day of the three hundred game winner is long gone. I believe just as the day of the three thousand hit guy, I think, is going to be gone because the way these guys swing the bat. Now, it's, it's all or nothing. You don't have the rod crews, Tony Gwynn's. You know moving the ball, George Brett hitting the ball all over the field. So I think the three thousand hit guy three hundred hitter today. You can hit two forty seven on base of, of three eighty and a slugging five twenty and you're, you're an all star. If you hit to forty years ago, you wouldn't even be considered to be on the team. So that's changed as well. And that's the new baseball. This is relatively pitchers are warming up the pitching the same off to the doing a game, right? Well, I, I was soon to some degree. Yeah. Why is it the one pitches counted? Well, probably because you I, I would think you take your time you sit down you stop you breathe. It's probably not the adrenaline the intensity of being on the mound. And I think that's the difference. You think so? Yeah, I think that's the difference. But look you bring up a point, and that is what if they get a reliever up four times? And then they don't bring them in. Well, that would you couldn't use them the next day, and that's happened in the past? Now when they get a reliever up the guy comes in the game you very rarely see a reliever get up and then sit down and not get in the game. And that's the difference. That's right. He's team into practice. Every team has done away with. Yeah. All right. But whatever we exciting game Bellinger, as a shot, you know, he's any four hundred and you know, in the swings are amazing. So I it's, it's a different game George Springer. There are players in the game today who are just outstanding. We just don't see him on a day to day basis with the giants right now. And that's far hands job is to start to find some people like that. I just wanna see boats. You go out with a bang. He said, you know, I don't know who's going to replace. So I got a couple of ideas, but as a little bit too early to say, all right. To really do now. That's not gonna happen. Thanks, patrick. Sorry. What you have a good night. Yeah. Barry bloom, Forbes dot com. And, you know, he wrote an article today and you should take a look at it. I guess you find it online Forbes dot com or I think that's how it's dented for Barry, but he wrote about bocce and his, his, his article, the premise was that Bochy should be the next manager of the San Diego Padres. That Andy green is not doing a good job that vote, she really is healthy. And he sort of not going to manage the giants because obviously Brian save has gone next year. Everyone will be gone, including Bruce Bochy, and that bocce still has the desire in the fire to manage. And if everything was normal here, maybe she would still be be staying. But maybe it's time is up anyway. But. The point of the story of Barry bloom is that the boats you should manage the San Diego Padres. So my question everybody eight oh, eight Cambio. How would you feel if all of a sudden, in November, Bruce, Bochy was named the manager of the San Diego Padres, and boats you wanted to do that? How would you feel about that? That's a good question. Eight oh, eight km bureau. Let me hear from you on that. When I Iran in Salinas, eight hundred km Byard. Go ahead. Ron. Ryan, you're there. I put run on hold. We'll come back to him have about Vic in Cupertino Vic. Hello vic. Novick. No. Josh no, Ron. All right. Let's go to John at Santa Rosa. Go ahead, John. Hey, you how you a love the show. Good. Thank you. Thank you. So I called to remind you of a conversation we had two years ago about Pablo, but I'd like to start by saying. I totally agree with.

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