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Chief of staff Mick Mulvaney is facing opposition in his bid to join a lawsuit over testimony in the house and peach been inquiry correspondent Jessica Schneider explains why are Charles Kupperman the former deputy national security adviser feels that Mulvaney should not be on the same lawsuit ever his attorneys now say Hey since Kupperman himself has never publicly disclose any information relating to his official duties of the White House he should not be lumped into the same suit as Mick Mulvaney Mulvaney is among former and current administration staff to have defied congressional subpoenas to testify before the impeachment inquiry defense secretary Mar Casper says army lieutenant colonel Alexander vin been should not fear retaliation for providing sworn testimony in the Ukraine probe president tweeted Vinton vin then was a never Tropper raising questions about political fallout four is career the Dow up hi Mike Martz genesis diamonds W. T. M. traffic center six five North Vietnam vets Boulevard an accent there and also here at the Gallatin pike river gate parkway there's a crashes through them before really got things slow down in that area sixty five south where meets twenty four and sixty five north and also pretty big back about twenty four east and Shelby Avenue forty east look a little bit better here by the airport they got that record on the way here at Stuart's for in twenty four going southbound towards Antioch started back up in sixty five north bound as you come up on brit what little bit of a slow down and of course with those slick streets here in a long take it easy its.

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