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In the new AARP article, which, by the way, I am now. AARP's bombarding me with I'm a member. I'm not a 15% on pretty much everything. Really? Yes. Yeah, maybe. David, you remember Absolutely not me neither. It's wrong. Why? Why not while you two cool? No. I would never be a member of a club that would accept me as a member. It's good news that Groucho Marx said that self okay and a new air P article it's revealed limited, by the way you're arguing of not being a part of AARP and just made a Groucho Marx reference. So I'm gonna say you probably need to get the card. Okay, Well, I'll look, I'll look into that gradual marks. Uh, Stephen Foster, I think. Remember when Moses that that, uh, that was cool, Kim Proving your point. You know if you remember making that Has been dead for, like 60 years. All right. How about this? You hear, man? I hate hearing this. Poets often use many words. What a voice Say Indianapolis was unbelievable. I mean, what is it Credible treasure? Tony Bennett, dear Dear Park, where they call it now. Uh, it's probably like Horizon world. It was in the summer. It was in the summer and it was part of like that. Do it's tour and he was with I can't remember who he's with Lady Gaga, you know, let me tell you, he did. He did a song with Lady Gaga..

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