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See Jacqueline Woodson this Friday November twenty second get lit with all of it we can't wait to see you there now we have your Friday plan we're gonna plan the rest of their fall and winter it's Monday it's our review preview series and we are taking a look at the attack joining us now to walk us through what's happening both on and off Broadway is Helen Shaw theatre cricket deter creek creek near cricket at New York magazine and bolts or thanks for coming on and it is my pleasure so so jagged little pill deadline is reporting that its growth a million dollars in its first week of previews and just so we're clear this is not a biopic of a landmark Alanis Morissette so so what is it exactly so this is Diablo Cody has taken a great part of that album plus some other songs from her of and made a story which is about the various for two families going through various difficulties and of course the only way that you can really express any kind of difficulty in your life is through singing Alanis which seems appropriate does seem appropriate Atlantic Records actually did a video premiere of head over feet which is a companion to the original cast recording they're releasing so let's take a listen so we can hear how a lot of his music is going to be re interpreted for this musical and friends and lacking that you you've already won Helen.

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