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He's been I think some people wondered if after support your from Texas, if maybe this was it, you know, he was just kind of closing out his career with this with his job. Quite to the contrary. He's really worked at it. He's built a team. He knows what he wants his team to look like he knows the kind of guys can play for him. They have to be guys that can take tough coaching and a lot of players can't now, and he's he's really put together a team that will respond to him. And that's what's happening. It happened last year, and it's happening again this year, and this guy really is done an excellent job of of motivating them. And I think some teams might be. Distracted by being number one. I don't think this team will be as, you know, number one can be very fleeting. But I just think this team is going to be really good the rest of the year and probably really good in the NCAA tournament talking to John Adams about the Tennessee basketball program number one the country John for so many years. Tennessee was either number one or close to it in women's basketball with the lady vol's last night. Many of us watched something that that is closely resembling a harsh oh with Tennessee losing it home fifth straight with the number one team in the country ahead. What's the status of Holly Warlick right now as we close out January? We'll Powell I think I wrote a column after last season. My feeling is the administration is not interested in the lady vol's being an elite power again. I think they're content with the team winning twenty or so games getting in the NCAA tournament. And they're they're paying Holly Warlick, not top wages in terms of college women's college basketball. So that you see otherwise, I think they would have made a change already in God out and pay somebody maybe two million dollars. But I just don't see that happening. But I thought the program would continue along instate a certain level, but this season contradicts that I mean, this is truly a train wreck. I I know it's they've got some young players, but the kind of players Tennessee recruits to go out and play the way this team does is totally unacceptable. Fan base and in every one of those losses. I've watched them. I mean, Tennessee just looks not it looks. So disorganized hollies been outcoached. And every one of those games decidedly. I would say and done by the well for the future. Now, it's got enough talent we might still come around and get hot at the end of the year and maybe win twenty games and make the NCAA tournament. But right now when you look at this team, you know, I don't know who it's going to be and beat Vanderbilt and be Florida, but he can lose to anybody else. So the you've seen that with losses to Alabama. I didn't think Alabama could beat any team in the country about twenty points. If it continues in you know, one would presume Thursdays and opportunity to play the number one team in the country. It's alternate opportunity to be totally embarrassed at home that would be six straight losses. I'm assuming this decision is resting comfortably. With Phillip Fulmer your knowledge of him as a coach and loyalty aside, he's in a different role. Now has he said anything, and what do you expect them to do? No. He's never say anything negative Donald Holly Worley he hasn't. You know, he hasn't mentioned it during this during the currencies. And that there's a problem nothing like that. I think he's just consumed with football. He's out there at practice dressed in coaching garp, tune the season. I think that's where his focus is. He still wants to be football coach and everything else is kind of falls by the wayside. I also. Think so good that Philip looks at her in can emphasize. I mean, he doesn't think he ever should have been fired at Tennessee is football coach. So he sees a coach with a good record. And that's enough for him. He doesn't lick it where the program had the program once was or the decline of the program just as there was a cl- decline of the football program under him. He doesn't really know that. So I would think he would be sympathetic and empathize for Ali warling before you go. It's pretty amazing. We we haven't talked about football you. But we will. Now, a lot of coaching changes recruiting seems to be going, really..

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