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Six optimal tax relief and foreign tourists would avoid the area he says all of the mayors whose communities would be affected and county commissioners are opposed to the idea the house has announced a tentative schedule for its impeachment inquiry but one potential witness will not be part of the agenda you're scared today house Democrats withdrew a subpoena for former deputy national security adviser Charles Koppelman rather than waiting for a federal judge should decide if he should comply with the order or follow the white house's instructions to not cooperate a hearing is scheduled for December but Democrats are hoping to wrap up their impeachment inquiry by the end of the year in the house intelligence committee official explained to us given the schedule of our impeachment hearings of court process that leads to the dismissal of doctor Kupperman slog lawsuit would only result in delay so we have withdrawn his subpoena chairman Adam Schiff announce the next phase of the impeachment inquiry will begin next week with public testimony from ambassador bill Taylor state department deputy Assistant Secretary George can't and former Ukraine ambassador Maria von of itch Oklahoma U. S. senator James Lankford says stopping the blood thirsty violence by drug cartels must be a focus of the Mexican government there there is a reason several of the states in Mexico have the exact same rating from the state department as Yemen and Syria do because those areas of Mexico are not run by the Mexican government there run by the cartels interviewed by fox news Lankford said murders are happening every day in some parts of Mexico nine US citizens were ambushed and killed Monday on a highway in Sonora cleared here's Jim foresight a southeast Oklahoma sheriff's deputy has been cleared in the fatal shooting of a nineteen year old man who authorities say was trying to pull a gun on the deputy Pittsburgh county district attorney Charles Solomon says the October eleventh shooting of save and Roland by deputy Cody Vaughn near the town of Pittsburgh was justified Sullivan says a loaded gun was found in Roland's.

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