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Transition, you just have a chassis. So she's tagging a wall with graffiti. Yeah. She signed her name on my boom, which I thought was weird. But it's weird because she's just gonna get used to anything. And you just have to surrender yourself to the whole process. But it's very enjoyable. So 5 stars in me. Oh, beautiful. My repeat today Alice is there. Eating pink chicken. I've never been eating pink chicken, happened to me yesterday. I went to a place that did a meal deal for 20 quid. I was listening to a very horrible audiobook about the patriarchy and decided you know what I'm gonna do I'm gonna go get myself a 20 quid meal deal in this shop, and I waited, and I had a chicken soup, which was fine. That was white chicken in that, with noodles and stuff like that. And then I ordered chicken thighs on roasted vegetables. I could see it was not cooked properly, but I didn't want to be rude, to the waiter. So I just ate the pink chicken. And I swear to God, I am gonna make tea towels that say it's not polite to eat pink chips. Don't do it. I mean, who was I try to save who's feelings was I try to I looked at it, it was that weird thing of like, I would describe it as a sunset over a misty Moore. Do you know it was pink and gray at the same time? Which is a beautiful image for a landscape. But not so good for cooked chicken. That's it if it should be like you know that old sad sketch at night shepherd's delight. Pink chicken in the evening, you're gonna be very unwell in the morning. And I'm gonna give it one star out of 5. One once they're out of 5. Pink chicken in the evening, you're going to be heaving. There we go. There we go. I wish it was just heaving done. Like we need to add a bit more nuance to that. Okay, okay. I've got this. I've got this Patrick in the evening. You're going to be heaving and then PTO on the bottom of the detail out here IR. That's my PTO and everything is out of your ass. If the chicken is pink, you'll shit in the sink. Yeah, yeah. You can take it as pink. It's gonna be stink. You know, it's not gonna happen. So pink chicken monster. What's there? But I would give the restaurant tree stars. I shouldn't have went in. It was empty. Why do I think I was like, oh, this is gonna be a cool new spot that no one knows about. And it's just genuinely because there are food hygiene is very bad. I like to be you said it happened to me. That was the phrase you've used. It happened to me. Yes. Did this to yourself? So somebody held you down a chicken ran over. Clocked itself. Killed itself in front of you. But made sure it was far enough away from a heat source to it not cook itself. Yes. And when it's dying breath because it can still move around after its headless guys jumped into your waiting mouth. Yes. I can't believe you that you were nodding along to a book about the oppressions that are put onto women to consent to things that they're not entirely comfortable with. Wild gagging down. They one thing that you are not meant to eat. Yes, 'cause I wanted to be polite to the mail away or like genuinely. I need to read that book more. There's a definite issue there. Now it's time for our festival section. This is the most exciting news all week. You know I love my crypto stuff. This is a video that's gone out publicizing crypto land. This is a story that comes around again and again in which crypto utopian crypto maximalists try to leap forth from the mainstream of society and create their own society of crypto Bros and sisters and inevitably fall short at the feet of something like rubbish collection. Neil Della, you've got crypto Bros, what is this story about? Yes, some crypto Bros are trying to buy an island in fijian. Set up crypto land. And you can use NFTs to bypass the land. It's about a square mile. I think it is. And this sounds like an absolutely disastrous idea. I'll be perfectly honest with you. Some will argue that this is a book the evolution of money and we know that money was sold, and it was gold. It was cattle in Ireland for a long time. Then coins then notes. And I'd argue notes are better than cattle. And if have you ever tried to snort Coke through a heifer, very difficult. Very, very important. It's got four stomachs. It's called forest Starbucks. I mean she has a gray type, but I mean, the stuff you get out the other end, not great. I would say it is harder to counterfeit title, so that is a plus for them. Like you can't walk into a shop and go please oh, I like your goods. Please accept this calf as payment. And they're like, that's not a calf. That's dug and leather jacket. You're full of nobody. They're all just catfish. They're all fish. Pretend they got fish of pretend to be other species. It's evolution. But this sounds like it sounds like a Ponzi scheme. You pay for stuff in cryptocurrency and the shortened version of the cryptocurrency like ETH's Ethereum and this is a con and you're like. You can't say they weren't warned, you can't say. What's the reason about this place is that there's been some questions on Twitter, somebody asked what is the age consent on crypto land, and crypto and replied from their official tree their official Twitter account said, mental maturity should be more than enough, winky winky smiley face, which imagine imagine going to court and you know you're under the feds theory. Excuse me, your honor, the mental mature. You should be more than enough smiley winky faith. Like, and then they tried to say that what kind of violent are they trying to build? I mean, the silence already been done. You know, a pioneer in that market would have been Epstein. But it's just that it's just a very, very weird, a weird thing. It feels like Disneyland in a way that it's really there for emotionally immature people, and weird older people who should know better. You know, it feels like Disneyland in that respect. Except, in the way that it isn't like Disneyland in that there aren't people who are going to think through the complex logistics of actually running a society. These are people who will say the market will decide in the market will decide that nobody can have any milk. The market will decide why hasn't it rained. Yeah. Good luck with that. The NASDAQ has decided there's no food today. Well, the market does know best yet. That's gonna turn into lord of the flights within about an hour, I'd say. Oh, definitely. Absolutely. Delicious these Bros battered shit out of each other with racquetball or squash or whatever the these people play in films. Listen, put on your strangling each other with red braces. That's how I imagine it in my head. Fantasizing about an island like this is what young teenage boys do now instead of masturbating. Like this is unfortunately. Did you guys actually watch the video? It's completely bananas. It's incredibly bananas. What's the name of that mascot? The coin thing that number one, what's bananas about? They're all white people depicted in it. Did you notice that? Like the island is filled with white people. There's no people of color. I'm there to picture of what this island is going to be. I really hope that this whole scheme is from somebody who is a person of color. Yeah, just put them all on an island. Yeah, yeah. That was great. I got this Ponzi scheme needs more representation. Like I'm looking at this. And I'm going like, where? Where are the people.

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