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The Brett Hayes h A Z, You can find me. At a C. Bellino. I'm a huge proponent of this expanded playoff have been since they brought in the four teams, and now there's going to be a summer review phase to test the prospects. The timing Of the 12 team. College Football just saw this article posted a little bit earlier. But the proposal for the 12 team College football playoff jumped over another hurdle earlier today, when the 11 presidents and chancellors who have the ultimate authority over the format, authorized The 10 FBS commissioners to begin a summer review face to determine the feasibility of an expanded playoff field and work on the details of how and when it might be implemented. A very important step, as the playoffs could be expanded, couldn't be expanded without the support of presidents and chancellors who make up the college football playoff committees. Board of managers. They got so many committees and so many board who's running the show here. Who's the commish? This is why, in my opinion with all the talk today about the Name, image and likeness. The N C double has completely dropped. The ball completely dropped the ball. And you know this is where You know you have Representatives from each of the 10 FBS conferences. And, of course, Notre Dame has their president. Reverend John Jenkins, because you know they Are so special in superior to everybody that they they get their own, join a conference. College football needs a real commissioner. They need real criteria. The N C. Double a needs to step up and be a real governing body. This is where they dropped the ball completely. So, but we're entering the next phase. One step at a time. You know, the N C double A. You talk about just, you know, facing a battle on all fronts. I mean, my goodness, East and West, north and south, They're just surrounded. Buy stuff that they got to handle because they put it off for so long. Have allowed conferences and universities. To basically run the show while they tried to slap people on the risk for bag men popping up in a McDonald's somewhere. Somebody get a Dodge charger. You don't need to be like Stop. Discipline needs to be a part of it. But it's got to be a part of it for the fact that the N C Double A as the governing body of college athletics needs to be much more hands on And it's a lot. I mean, think about all the varsity sports that you have, and across Gymnastics, swimmin soccer, softball, baseball, basketball football. The list goes on wrestling. In some cases, hockey like there's a ton. Field hockey that you have to be paying attention to its a lot going on. Track and field, speaking of track and field. Chris Paul declined. Team USA is invitation for the Tokyo Olympics, according to sources. And I wouldn't be surprised. A lot of guys have come and said that yeah, they are going to they are going to do it. But I'm Chris Paul. I don't You know, you already missed Game one of the Western Conference finals. You're not going to play in Game two tonight after entering the NBA's health and safety protocols last Wednesday. Nobody knows when he's going to come back to the floor. And I don't know about you. But based upon where Japan's covid numbers are, and I haven't I haven't seen the ticker lately to tell me you know where Brad as far as our global numbers. I don't know if that's a safe bet. You know, I don't I don't know if it's a good idea. Remember when Nick Castano Scott got suspended early on in the season because he celebrated cause this quote unquote Super spreader event like Yeah, okay, considering everybody out there is obviously cleared and they've tested negative so we should be good to go with everybody who's out on the field anyways. But you can celebrate on the field. That's not a super spreader event. You know, it is a super spreader event. Going to a different country with people from all over the world. To take part in athletic events where you are going to be intermingling with all these people from everywhere on every continent. In a country that oh, by the way, doesn't necessarily have covid numbers that would make you smile. That to me. Would be a super spreader. But Not what Nick Castellanos was doing. I still I still want more information. Still want more information on the Chris Paul saga. And what's happening here? Because you know LeBron James. He was out. Those photos surfaced and he got that pass. And, according to Michael Wilbon of ESPN. Chris Paul had already been vaccinated. So what's the issue here? Because LeBron James got his past. Why doesn't Chris Paul get his? What? What's the issue here? And this really, I mean, for tonight's game, very pivotal game, too. In Phoenix. And look, I've got to be honest with you when when I hear Different people at the national level, talking about how they are. You know, this isn't good for the NBA, and you know, Ella gets knocked out. Then what would happen if it was a Phoenix, Milwaukee or a Phoenix in an Atlanta series and out? You don't need to have Boston, the New York Knicks of the L. A Lakers in the finals to make it riveting television. Golden State was riveting television. Right prior to Klay Thompson getting injured. Like that team. They were built for the long haul, But one injury takes around like that. That changes.

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