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Refunded. Insight. Credit Must be 21 in Pennsylvania Gamble Tropical $100. Okay? New Jersey 1.5 instant whether or not a whole lot to talk about whether wise, fairly quiet we're good partners work week cause on the increased four tonight Lows Load mid twenties were mostly cloudy Monday. Highs loaded forties operate 34, North jersey. Mostly sunny on Tuesday. Highs Load mid forties, then mid to upper forties on Wednesday with a mixture of clouds low forties for North Jersey. That's New Jersey. What? Don't put five It's whether Army draws top work. Well, Thank you so much, Todd right now in Middletown ship, It's 27, Montclair, 28 Freehold. That's 23 fast traffic and instant whether every 15 minutes on New Jersey one a 1.5. You want one fine. I'm gonna find ya. I'm gonna take it. Take it. Take it. You're one way I'm warning you. I'm gonna get you get you get to meet someone. Falling now I'm gonna see a major major me, Jimmy. One day. Maybe next week. I'm gonna meet Jack Reacher Amita. I wanna find out. How about I get jacked it? Take it. Take it to one or another. I'm gonna I'll get you. I'll get you. One way are not up. I'm gonna video. Jimmy. Jimmy Jimmy. One day. Maybe next week. I'm gonna Yeah, on each other. I'm gonna lose you. I'm gonna be beautiful lip stick on here for another. I'm gonna lose you. I'm gonna get together. Already dug up. I live on a ticket ticket ticket. You one way or another. Stand up. This is it. Rocket New Jersey's weekends. We know you're gonna have a rocking good time, New Jersey one a 1.5. Don't be late, babe. Deeper. My God. One way to make him wait. So what happened with you? You're gonna get a master. Yes. Well, I know you don't have a bigger meet me in Mecca. Happy. Wait. What about you? Just do me very WeII. Lazy bone surrounding candles scares In the crowd is growing bigger. Another. All right. Okay? Hold on. Where is he? One of one boy. Jersey time. Time is 10 49. Let's get a check on those roads with New Jersey fast traffic. It looks like we've got a new issue popping up in the Garden State Parkway. It is a North bound, crashed just after the colonia rest area, right. Lane's gonna be blocked. And they're still the South Bend accident being cleared away approaching.

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