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I was shocked by marvin gaye but then i have to remember and i'm not saying shock like how could you mark i was shocked because i am i didn't even think that in that way with momma gave because he was such a ladies man and all of that but i do remember hearing stories about marvin gaye would be so conflicted spiritually that he would have won room we go into coke and all this other stuff in and they have another room we go pray here while he also preyed on seventeen year old girl so oh a negates mother was 17 he or he wrote a lot of songs about this teenage girl that he was mammi loewen he had to wait for her to get older so he can start dating her and then he got married and she had to kids by her lin so i'm just saying know kit again no clough it is al green sign cheat on his woman a got hypocrites com are you doing the does gritz hit the fi so not marlin now i mean like 'cause model brando yes realize it that you gotta understand that like we create creative types in free thinkers eyeing end and it's like the six in the '70s everybody's donors should turn a drugs you i mean like they did they kick out they kick in a hang out like think of all the comics you been fucking shut up i have been a comment i know but i'm just saying that like if you if somebody said twenty is no yoga arm chloe they been these folks almost all you like yeah 'cause they have got every week what are you.

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