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He's the first indian to win. Seven titles had the miss earth pageant held in the philippines in twenty eighteen. She made her acting debut with the netflix. Romantic comedy film called love per square feet the same year. She also played the role of alicia in the phenomenon. The english she's also tadic speaker and has worked with over two hundred brand the dot much further. Do let me get on with it. I welcome to masters decoded cities. Glad to have you thank you so much extremely extremely grateful to be on your podcast and i'm actually really humbled to be here today. Thank you so much for having me feel like moscow already all. Yes you oughta want to become a master at a pretty young age By conquering the are would say the word conquering. This is missing deal. That's a feed on his own. You know as individuals are at the seen it on tv these beauty pageants than how people go through the process We'll talk about that process. What was your experience about it. But i go back to. The young daily study. Showing that has dried dreams was becoming a missing are participating missing. Deal was part of the plan or what was goes. Mind telling you at that time His little girl was very different. i mean still the same but different in terms of when it comes to my career. I think my parents. I'm so glad to have parents like my parents because the never forced me to Reach eleventh grade barron's steady okinawa stein. Dixie b Commerce with matic's. Don't take arts. you know there was a big how would i say challenge back then for kids who wanted to be in the arts field But my parents actually never discarded anything that i wanted commerce student but when it game to extra curricular activities back in the day My parents made sure. I was part of every debate every recital every dance abi sports day be admi- annual day. I was dead right there with my teachers doing my bit. I'm and you know what the best part is like. Mantilla's always pushed me when a game. I've been across the dancer but twelve years so back in school i was always participating in dances. I was always on stage was debating i was i in. There was a single competition that i did not debated while to my school school or within the same classmates And my parents were opened. The federal child needs to grow and not just the books but have our own experiences to see what she wants to do. And this was at a very young age. My mom always would save. Just follow your heart experiment. I even got occupied but while you know i did everything possible. I had dipped by a one single in every boil. But i think. I actually wanted to do because i loved. Economics and i loved is a study that i loved to know about the history of country and the woods. So as more inclined towards Aqui becoming bureaucrats. All i mean i answer is officer to solve my country because i saw my grandparents my my grandfather from my father's side Was working for the government as well and my Grandfather from my mother's side was in the army do people from the same In different backgrounds. Starting the nation's kinda grew up with this enthusiasm..

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