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You a letter to hear those that you'd oh my god okay so you both grew up in michigan but in 1992 before you guys were together they're obviously you came to new york to pursue art at koubri union what kind of art on sculpture but a tied to do everything i possibly could so brands casting film photography so you wanted to be an artist person okay and veto what's your story i i went to western michigan university and studied literature thereby mostly just did that because out all his loved reading and writing and stories and it was there that i became a believer in jesus and i was part of a campus ministry they are soon after i was converted and for me the intersection of the sings made sense i loved writing a loved reading and to be a pastor a big part of it for me is reading the bible and teaching it and being taught and i just love the stories and i love i love communicating the message of the gospel and communicating the message of god's love and so those things are kind of intersected for me well you know that sir this is all kind of amazing now before it before we go to break or something like that i wanna be clear what is the website for the walk magona for you guys oh that's a good question see no it's funny we don't were promptly better worry night or an hour and gospel song records which is an imprint of tooth and nail so if you just google welcome wagon you'll get there we also are part of as matikiti record sufian stevens but who's not not there has matic kitty as ready for it he suffered zia and sufiane stevens that's his correct he had a lot of people don't know tell us he's doupion even is because a lot of people with morocco will he's a great friend of ours first and foremost in really generous dust but he's also a singer and songwriter in a musician and composer and he owns label called asthmatic kitty and that's how we got our start he asked us to be on the label and he produced our first record and.

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