Sean Spicer, Barry Armstrong, Donald Trump discussed on New Hampshire Today


Say it all the question his at local settle local race or is it a barometer to the 2018 soda called midterm election saharan to hampshire we'll see if that's because you're going to see the governor chris inonu who's already said on this show he's planning to run for reelection steve marsh and democrat who ran as a gubernatorial candidate in this prior election he's already and other the democrats may jump into that race you know but carol shape porter the incumbent the first as strict and mclane customer the second shirley running again you already have the republicans eddie edwards in the first districts state senator andy sandborn already that i istrict second district you have a republican candidates who are before and others running so it's going to be a busy period as we head into the mid but in washington the questions will remain you give a congress where republicans control congress by can they control their own members of their own party that's the question as we'll see this week is the senate is expected to vote on this repeal bill of obamacare foldable care act with the time to get a replacement soul it also dramatic week with the jared kushner the president's soninlaw appearing before a senate committee today answering questions about his contacts with any russian officials prior to around the election and also donald trump jr go could it be appearing on capitol hill so this is this is like house a card stuff this week this is just tantalizing for the pundits in the media and on top of that you of a new press secretary for the president sean spicer officially resigned on friday that's usually when you're resigned from the white house here it's a as they say a mutual decision all right barry armstrong host the finance oleksy jane jr the federal reserve meeting for two days plus.

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