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Arbogast and Sean Cody great Roger that's the beats UCLA today fifty two to thirty five across the way the Trojan band led by Dr Martin his final home UCLA game had kittens levels go up on the bandstand to lead conquest they continue that now I can only imagine the feelings of the young man who has set an all time record for USC passing yards in a single game a three star recruit wasn't really thought of hi Lee was came into the season really the fourth string quarterback at USC and here he is after beating UCLA thought five hundred plus yards standing on the bandstand leading conquest turns around the crowd of they're all screaming and chanting his name what a day for the young man what a ride right you think about his worries come from and where is that today I think if you told him to focus he would be doing this gives you slept in the year from where he started he probably think the thought imaginable but just quite a ride for the young man we've got two witnesses development throughout the year and how Graham Harrell uses him grab heroes love him really from the start of his young career it so he's definitely somebody's love to work with it I think it's just been so cool to watch the develop because sometimes you don't get to see this project quarterbacks because it'll get to come on to later in their careers but to see it for reference start from your from your kid to the love to Buffy's take it and what he learned from it and where you come out it's it's pretty awesome the old guard Michael Pittman John Houston got up there with the sword did the same thing there so here's your favorite song at the end of any S. UCLA.

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