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And and not most just got ordinary jobs. But the point is that you know, if you can throw three point shots you heard three point shots. And you know, that's all the counts. Okay. Today. Peter Murphy as among other things on his resume chief economist at the US International Trade Commission, gave the congress and professor at the Smith school of business at the university of Maryland, and is a widely published the national columnist and five time winner of the market watch best forecaster award. So I think maybe you haven't been held back by your pets. Berg state pedigree try to powered by. Yeah. I had such wonderful teachers were able to who recognize some talent. And maybe spend some extra time with me where I would have been lost in the crowd at Harvard. And so it all were it does work out does work out talk about a few other things. It's time allows you wrote a column richly Trump should toss budget plan and pivot to the center aside from the fact that well where he will pivot is, of course, rather unpredictable, but what would be the political and or policy benefit for the president doing that. Well, I think that that he has to look at the last well election, not his, but the the eighteen election in which a lot of moderate Democrats reelected, you know, that they did not take the House Democrats with people like. A O C. They newer few Democrats that were elected that were very radical who, you know, are making a lot of noise, and and getting a lot of attention from the biased media, but in reality, most of the folks that snatched those Republican seats came in and said, look, we're interested in improving health care, which is improving transportation in your community and things of that nature, and the president spoke really big we'd have a wonderful infrastructure Bill. We're gonna wind up infrastructure program while he hasn't delivered on that kind of thing. And it's really going to hurt him in those states like Michigan, and Wisconsin, and so forth and Pennsylvania that he needs to carry again, if he's going to win a second term, and you know, the border is important. But by basically taking over control of that area policy from homeland security personally, and by devoting so much of his energy to that problem. We you know, it is a problem. But I mean that should they should be a strong person there to to to deal with it. And not focusing on other issues of importance to to Americans. I think that he's hurting himself higher education debt, you know, is another area. Those those kinds of things really deserve some some real attention. And they're not getting them from the administration, or at least not an image that this should. And should do it by challenging congress by standing up? Look, I've got a built here to build better roads. Better mass transit systems. I would take a hard look at it. If you want to change it. Let's talk about the changes you wanna make. But if you just going to say note, everything I proposed then it's on you. On you. All right. More to come. And we'll be back in a moment that farmers insurance. We know every windshield collision.

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