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Three hundred Emma and today I'm having a nice comfy evening by the fireplace here at the Earth Rangers headquarters Earth Rangers. You know as much as I love being outside. Sometimes it's nice to snuggle up on your favorite armchair with some hot cocoa sir. Scratch Yuan is in a super snugly mood so before we had today's expedition. Let's take it easy for now and start the show up with a top five countdown. The top five animals that change color in the winter number five time. This Arctic Bird has beautiful mutiple brown feathers in the summer and looks little bit like a fezzet but in the winter it turns completely white to blend in with the snow. For camouflage number four the long tailed sales weasel. This ferocious little mammal has a beautiful brown coat in the summer. With a lighter yellowish belly in pause but in the winter turns completely wife Number Three Arctic. Fox I love Fox's of all kinds in the summer. The Arctic Fox has a coat that is a mix awesome gray and brown tones but in the winter. Yep You guessed it it turns completely wipe. I'm starting to see a pattern here. Number two Arctic Hare another animal that shares a similar habitat with the Arctic Fox and the PTARMIGAN and guess what it turns from an earthy Brown in the summer to the surprise surprise a snowy white in the winter but at least it has some super cute black tips on the top of its ears number one on the American goldfinch speeds. Now don't tell me. They're turning white in the winter. No that would not make sense since these birds are migratory but the male species does look quite different during the summer months there. Yellow feathers are much more vibrant. And they're wearing a cool black hat in the summer. Even there is just a little bit more orange you know. I think we could actually add one more candidate to this list. We Earth Ranger Emma in the summer I can usually be seen in shorts and my trademark green shirt will in the winter. I resemble a walking blankets. If you you want to see pictures of all the animals from the countdown kick out the show notes at Earth Rangers Dot com slash podcast Earth Rangers anyway. I'm just too comfortable. The head outside for any wild adventures today. So how about if I tell you a little story instead. Okay grab yourself a hot cocoa. Take off your shoes And get comfy. Now you all know that I love traveling. The world meaning all sorts of cool animals and I have had so many close encounters with wildlife that it's getting hard to count but have I ever told you about the very first time I interacted with a wild with animal. This was a long time ago. I was only nine years old and I spent the summer with my aunt. In the countryside she lived on a little farm up north she kept chickens and goats and loved being there. Because I got to help take care of the animals. She had these two beautiful barn cats in a big fluffy dog named Feazel one night. The dog and I were outside late. It was my responsibility to check up on the animals. I would count all the chickens. In the shed collect any eggs they had laid throughout the day and make sure the door to the goat's pen was properly close. Because you see just the night before. We had heard a pack pack of coyotes howling in the woods behind the farm. And we didn't want to take any chances. This could get a little scary especially on a dark moonlit night and on this particular evening it was abnormally dark and there was a low fog rolling in over the fields. I kept scanning my flashlight around the distance hoping I would would not see. A pair of hungry is reflected in the shine. Of course. My aunt was watching me the whole time from the kitchen door but still it was a little bit spooky. I had just given the barn cats freshwater when all of a sudden I noticed the for on feels neck rise up and her ears turn turn to face straightforward. Something was moving in the back of the yard. My heart began to pound. Was this a weasel or worse coyotes. Hi ody's I froze and completely still and then I heard it a strange sound coming from just behind the vegetable bet it was kind of high pitched not like a bird call but definitely not a coyote. There was again. It almost sounded sounded like a small child screaming before I could do anything else. Diesel took off down through the backyard and starting barking loudly. Screaming continued even louder than before so I had no choice but to check it out. As I got closer I finally saw what was happening. It was a small small rabbit that had gotten stuck in the fence that surrounded the vegetable bed I told Feazel the stand back and carefully approached the scared little critter. The the rabbits lake had gotten wedged in the fence at a bad angle so that it couldn't free itself quickly Iraq to the shedding some pliers in order to free the little guys I of course I sent feazel inside with my aunt at this point because I didn't want her to scare the rabbit ones. It was free and then to work on the fence very slowly. I can very carefully. I was able to bend the wire to create an opening big enough for the rabbit to escape. The little fuzzball had stopped screaming and it stops struggling into almost like he knew I was trying to health when it finally got out it took a few hops and sent back back into the grass. It seemed to be very weak and exhausted so I decided to scoop it up in my arms and bring it back to the barn where I happened to find a big container container that my aunt had used to hatched chicks it was empty and even had a small water bowl inside. I figured that it would be the safest place for the rabbit to spend the night.

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