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I am Gary gramling. He is and even like we're going to talk about this game a little bit. We're also going to preview the headlining games of week one. But Andy kind of like last year a lot like last year's win over the falcons last January. And then we saw Nicole's become I dunno, he became the new Carson Wentz for two weeks and now was sort of back to sort of survival mode for the for the eagles here. Yeah. And you wonder maybe it's just the way these teams match up against each other to slug fest games in a row. Now that have come down to red zone play primarily with Atlanta's offense for Phillies defense. I thought it was really well played game defensively, and I thought both offenses looked, let's call it sluggish. I mean a variety of ways they look sluggish. Yeah, let's let's start on the eagles side here. Look, it was a, it was especially so start for them to watch this game. Falcons mounted a couple of drives to start eagles really didn't get anything going until the second quarter. The control the clock and this is a point I want to make in this game. Here. You look at the time of his action sat and say, well, Philly, thirty, two minutes. That's that's not a. That's not huge advantage here, but you know, they didn't have the ball much of the first quarter they they had. They had a fourteen play drive in the second quarter and eleven play drive in the third, the end, the ball eight for fifty four on that game winning drive. A human night like that. It's almost like the the the analogy I'll give that no one we'll get because you're all football fans and not baseball fans is the new thing in baseball is high stress innings for a pitcher. It's not the total number of pitchers pitches. He throws that you're looking at if he throws in inning, worry as thirty pitches. That's when you're gonna really Dan, you want, then you want out. So. So it's like with Atlanta, it's one thing to be out there for you know, a couple of four drives five play drive six or whatever when you're out there for the long ones that that it kind of ruined you for the rest of the night. Well, that's a great point that it's coming in stretches like that because I think Philadelphia what's like they ran sixty four plays in the game, and it felt like that watching the game, it didn't. They didn't go hurt. A lot of these teams that run a bunch of plays. It's because they go hurry up to get a lot of plays crammed into less time when you keep the defense on the field, especially in week one where these guys are acclimating, no matter how big no matter who they are, what they've done all summer, they're still acclimating. Defenders are reactionary. It's harder to exert as a reactionary mover than a proactive mover that's going to favor the offense every time. And I would imagine we're going to see a lot of teams in these games on Sunday. Gary, keep that in mind and mount the NFL's about explosive plays ultimately, and Atlanta didn't have enough tonight. They didn't have enough last season, and that's that apparently remains a concern. But in week, one more than the other week mounting long drives takes on an addict significance. Yeah. Well, let's talk about how the eagles did it. And let's let's start with the two touchdown runs for JJ. They were both unique formations here. There's the short one. The first touchdown of the game where it was a it was an unbalanced line with the Zach ertz on a on one side and they'd running to that side. The second one was a six man line and again, they went to I I guess I would call it in layman's term. I'd call that the short side. I guess it's technically not the weak side. But there's less big dudes over there. So I'll call it the decide you wouldn't expect the play to go to necessarily. But why did this stuff work tonight? Andy? Well, let's start that second one first of all, and went unnoticed on the broadcast because there's so much going on on that play Zach, ertz tight end block Derek, shabby. The defensive in one on one, and it was a reach block, and then he sealed them back inside..

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