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Great Nikki, louder a three time Formula, one champion from Austria. Some of you may recognize his name from this movie. Champion. The become little bit again. That's from the trailer for rush a twenty thirteen movie directed by Ron Howard. It's about the legendary rivalry between louder and British Formula. One ace James Hunt. This was during the mid nineteen seventies a time that our show editor William troop remembers. Well, he was eleven years old at the time and living in Italy, my brother and I were big fans of Formula one and Nikki Lauda was the lead driver for Ferrari. And this was a big deal in Italy, a huge deal after loud, a won a world championship with team Ferrari in nineteen seventy-five Williams says louder was considered a God by Italian racing fans at that point. But then the next season tragedy struck with a fiery crash on the track. It was during a race in Germany, William, and his brother were watching. It was it was like this shocking moment where, you know, one of your sporting heroes is, is felled. Everybody was shocked to be watching this live on television, louder suffered severe burns to his head and upper body, he collapsed into a coma. Everyone expected the worst, but miraculously, he recovered would was even more remarkable is that just weeks later he was racing again. Just to watch him. Come back literally almost from the dead to compete, again, in Formula one. It was like watching this sporting star become like a legend, right before your eyes for an eleven year old kid who was like on forgettable. Despite the accident louder came close to defending his title that year his arch-rival James Hunt one but the very next year nineteen seventy seven louder and Ferrari, one again cemented his status as a Formula one legend. Nikki Lauda died in Switzerland yesterday he was seventy you're with the world. I'm Marco werman an American woman, married. An Italian woman they had two children abroad now, Washington says one of their sons as a US citizen, but the other is not, how do I explain to him? You are different from your brother. You're not as much mine as he is. And that's I just don't want to shouldn't have to their stories. Still to come here on the world. I'm Marco werman, and you're with the world where a co production of the BBC World Service, PRI, and w GBH here in Boston, for decades, getting birthright American citizenship has gone something like this. If your parents are married, and at least one is a US citizen. So are you doesn't matter if you were born in Tennessee, or Timbuktu? But in recent years, the US government has been making it harder for same sex couples to pass on their US citizenship to their children, born abroad. That's what happened to the married couple. We'll hear from now. They spoke with us from our studios in London. I'm Alison Blixt..

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