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Rv will actually tell you what you need to do to be qualified if it's possible. Wow so you're you're kind of meeting these people in the middle. It's not just like in the old days you know it's like here good enough or you're not good enough and sometimes aren't even really assessed Before this Atta you don't look ranger. Which really really old school. I think Even before my generation. You're actually going to meet these people in the middle a little bit tell. Hey you're not quite there yet but these are some of the things you can do to get there we'll we'll send out PT programs if you need it If you need to improve your GT score or get a secret clearance Or if you need to way because of the state so like some of this is going to run into just like. Gt Scores for one thing. How we talked about me in the middle of right now require one oh five. Gt score for you to come to the regiment. But we're going to build a wave cases as case by CASE BASIS. We could wave it down to ninety. Gt score so just depending what your mos is everything like that. That's where we're going to kind of work with you and we could get you down to ninety if you're a qualified individual pretty much Right now all of our eleven series. They're not going to be able to come in with the waiver. They're going to have to have that one. Oh five if they're in service individual or coming from Osa All other individuals of is going to be basically minded to where we could wave it down to. So that's just that's just one of the things we're currently doing. But that's GonNa Change all the time just depending on the manning of the regiment. What we actually need so so one of the themes I'm hearing here is. Don't these select yourself over and over again. This conversation which is very different than what I guess. It used to be what they might always been that way. Not The de-select Yourself. You gotTA show up and do it and if you make it you make it but. I don't think anybody knew that no outside. Yeah right that's awesome and then there's another opportunity right because after. Oh said you've got airborne school and I know you guys used to come into airborne school as well. Yes is again. I being the forbiddingly as on a brief infantry airborne school as well so with airborne school the the process is very similar Typically it's going to be day three of course At zero five in the morning. So it's a it's an early day but anybody that's interested in the Ranger Regiment can come out to that brief and same same kind of format right like who. We are what we do what it takes to get to the Ranger Regiment And then again the opportunity to volunteer if you're interested And then at that point Again same same screening process Find the qualified applicants. And then they're going to get put on assignment to attend Rasp so for the airborne school brief just like any of the basic training briefs You have to be an ICT. Soldiers initial entry training soldier. I mean you're in training status. Haven't arrived at a permanent duty station yet in your career And if you are that sort of soldier you can volunteer in airborne school and then immediately upon completion of Airborne School We COME AND PICK YOU UP. Bring you over to the day of graduation and you are in the pipeline to tender. Ask but as soon as you graduated from airborne school okay. So if you are an airborne school and you are currently in service at a unit would probably talked to Sergeant Anderson in that case. So because you'd be an in service absent so if you're if you're in-service There's there's nothing that I can do like on the fly to get. That is because there's a lot that goes into the unit probably paid their tdy to get them to airborne school right. You belong to somebody you. There's somebody reports. He's I can't pull you out and put in there. It wouldn't work so I have them. Come to the brief pretty commonly. I can answer their questions. Get them contact info. So that when they get back to their unit They have all the information they need to get. The process started. I also thought I heard something in the conversation where you guys had mentioned that you can go from. Oh said you can go to rasp in not the airborne piece in between so is that now. The situation yes. Another current situation is we're going from Osa to Rask that we're going to go ahead and send those individuals to airborne school We're just kind of doing that. Because it was being sold for the option forty contract as as sign option forty contract. You'RE GONNA go to basic training. You're going to go to your ait. You're going to go to airborne school and then you'll just drop your contract and then you go to the regular army. That's going to be able to get that Just airborne slot and you could be an airborne unit so that kind of counter that we have individuals actually coming in with the option forty contract. We're going to send them to rasp after Osa before going to school. So it's Kinda helped our numbers and we've seen a change in how many people actually quit. Voluntary withdrawal I when it was flip-flop. Okay so that's a positive increase. I'm guessing yeah so it's been a positive increase for US awesome. We've decided we're GONNA come to the Ranger Regiment. We've got our RASP date we pass it. We get our Tampa Bay and then I guess we've come promoted now. We're going airborne school but then we get to our unit look and we sort of expect you guys must get asked this question a lot. They WANNA be a ranger. I WANNA be a bad ass but what's it like when I'm there? So what sort of what do you? What do you tell these people? So what I typically brief two soldiers Slightly off topic. I kind having to do with like the don't don't de-select yourself The rasp it's it's only eight weeks long for Rasp one and that is the that is the entirety of the pipeline to join a special operations unit. We're pretty unique in that way. So rasp it's it's an eight week. Training pipeline with assessment and selection built in. That's the only touch point that we have with soldiers before their full-fledged Rangers in the Ranger Regiment so it's important not deflect yourself because the rash mcadoo super good job of figuring out who is a good fit organization and who is not So when you attend draft. He's had to go there with your best foot forward. Make sure you've prepared yourself as much as you possibly can attend rasp and then let us select you to to send you to a unit to a battalion So once he gets a battalion now rouses only eight weeks long we can. We can build on the fundamentals that you've learned during basic training and kind of teach you some slightly more advanced marksmanship Some breaching Training a little bit of medical training But then from there you're going to get thrown into an environment where you have team leaders and squad leaders her all extremely professional pretty experienced and have a very good grasp of training Rangers To like a a very high level rouse was going to get the the rough. Edges smoothed out But then your team leaders and squad leaders at your battalion are going to be the ones who truly like train you and make you into a ranger in the ranger regiment. The super super fast paced environment. You're going to feel like you're going a million miles an hour the first few months of your there But it's super worth it and it's it's going to be a lot of work but you`re. GonNa you're GONNA see vast improvements in yourself whether that's physically tactically technically everything in pretty short period time. Okay so I'm going to show up and I'm not just putting on my Tamboura and then thrown in a dip and kicking my boots on a desk it's going to be pretty intensive training. Dan I guess yeah. That's one of the common phrases you here in the Ranger Regiment is that it's super easy to get there but super hard to stay. It's a very competitive environment So graduating RASP is step. One You're going to get into the Ranger Regiment. Graduating from RASP. But the things that are required of you to stay in the Ranger Regiment It's a very high level of performance professionalism discipline So you're GONNA show up having graduated RASP. And that's a that's an accomplishment. I mean not to downplay at all but Your performance once he gets to a battalion and you start training and deploying on and being expected to perform yourself they perform as rangers should be performing That's what I truly gets hard so okay because a lot expected of. We've actually talked about that. Before we try. To tell people that you earn that Beret every day. And that's you know that's how I remembered it and I think that's important but I think when people want to know capable what is what is that like and why is it so difficult and challenging versus the conventional army. What would you say I'll say differs mainly the big thing safety breathing thing before the weekend's your first arms go and talk to you in pretty much every safety brief. They'RE GONNA have their hands up they're going to have The Beret in one hand and then just an empty hand and the other is going to be your scale. Any decision you make. You're GONNA HAVE TO WEIGH THAT DECISION. But are you gonNa want to make this decision loser? Tampa Bay or you're GONNA make the bad decision it'd be so that's the good thing or special thing about the regiment as we have our offense which is released for standard so if you're not upholding the ranger standard you will. You will be released. And you're going to be sent out to the regular army conventional forces so that's why we've kind of had that scale that way make decisions. Do you WanNa keep that Tampa Ray or do you WANNA move out to the conventional forces. So that's a popular thing and that's what kind of holds individuals accountable to where you have to work. Every day you have to earn your spot in the regiment. Maybe in the day in the life you can explain why Ranger Regiment is so important to the army and in what you guys do as a whole the ranger regiment is is between three and four thousand person organization that responds to the biggest national threats to our International Policy and can be deployed worldwide within eighteen hours. So that's a very unique capability that that we bring to bear. There's a couple of commonalities between all rangers and one of the things is that they like being part of organizations that are bigger than themselves so the belonging to a team especially a team that holds itself in such high esteem and standards is very important to a lot of us and The difference between the rest of the army and this organization. The army has standards as well But this this unit I can attest coming from the regular army after about seven and a half years of experience. This unit Upholds the standard without question. It's a common question to ask. How many times raft? Prove myself arranger. And it's every day and we we actually honor that Every year every ranger has to take the standards we have to pass the same physical requirements We can't have any pending. Ucf J. or you end up. Getting are so It it's a very pristine organization in that regard. And so what are some of the things that you guys enjoy most about being rangers in your careers?.

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