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To someone would have been some of the best ways that you've found for recruiting talent. Cats DASH recruiting is very quickly a fulltime job. Because you're always recruiting so when I think about personal references and really having the company spend time thinking about their network says something that we ask of all of our employees and for me. It's also you know when I think about the actual recruiting process know. There's always an asymmetric of information on both the part of the candidate as well as as a hiring manager so for me you know I always force rank. What are the capabilities that I need in this role in order? And then establishing the panel around how can we assess this and then quickly trying to get sick no because I do believe similarly recruiting time kills all deals so really trying to ensure that you have the ability to understand. Does this person have the capabilities? Is it a good fit on both sides and being able to align that panel and quickly? So I don't know if I answered your question directly outside of to say I spend a huge amount of time thinking about how to recruit effectively. And certainly there's the kind of pipeline generation which I think is best done by your employees but then I think there is the execution within the interview process of really being crystal clear on what is must have versus nice to have from capability set and establishing new panel. That can boats get signal determined that and be selling while they're doing it in order to drive to quick decision making now I love that. Yeah that's really really cool. Conceptually delay out there made. What's a question that you wish people would ask about Catholic but no one seems to ask or even node ask especially businesses? Maybe you're thinking about evaluating tools or thinking about Catholic versus another. They think is comparable now one of the things. I reflect on a lot is indisputably were able to save employers money and improve employees experience with healthcare. And we're still very much in that phase of market creation right so when we when an employer chooses not to go with gaslight. It's typically no decision it's sometimes competitive but that's not our most common scenario so I guess when I think about you know what question should you should? People be asking either so many benefits to an employer to have a navigation solution and cast light specifically that I guess the question you know I guess the real question is why. Would you not do this? Because you have an opportunity to directly benefit your employees and help them make that our health decisions and Save Your Organization. Money you know. Health benefits is typically the third-biggest spend item for a company so it's a really powerful value proposition. And so the question. I guess I'm just thinking out loud that I wish people would ask. I think that as I said you know one of the questions that I think that we don't get asked enough is really. What do you do today? Cast light is very much known for trail-blazing transparency and the company has changed dramatically in ten years. But because of its early success and transparency which is a key part of what we do. Today it's not always understood that you know what casts lights doing is ultimately helping people navigate their benefits and healthcare more broadly and has incredibly powerful results Which is not something that we had ten years ago so I think the question that I wish that people would ask and spend time on. Is You know what's changed because quite a bit has changed and I really believe that. There's an opportunity to help people with their health decisions and I'm excited to do that. It's definitely and if we think about you know you're learning routine maybe or whatever you're doing for to kind of recharge outside of work. I love to hear a little bit about you. Know How are you staying? Fit keeping your body and mind sharp and what type of content whether it's bookstore. Podcasts or originals. Are you enjoying? Yea So number one for me. Certainly spending time with family and friends to be active. And it's probably the biggest reason I live in the bay area so you can usually find me running on crissy field or cycling and Barron my treats to myself our weekend ski or Surf Trip so I love to be. I've been active since I was a kid. And it's definitely the way that I preserved my mental health so loved doing that in terms of you know one of the things that I have gotten much more into since stepping into this role is kind of getting back into reading specifically. I've read a lot of military leadership and presidential biographies says over the past couple of months. I read Washington which was just a great story of you know kind of coming against odds in some cases. I've also read American Caesar which is about Douglas McArthur. In the Pacific Theater I recently read. Churchill a life which was great. Yeah so I'm a pretty big reader stories I didn't have an emphasis on health. Care I don't know how did it with something. Well I may need to send you this after. It had a huge impact on. May that yeah. That one in particular is great but yeah. I mean you know I would say that it's friends and family. It's being active and it's reading about real life stories and understanding that you know it's just the exposure to other people's challenges and how they handle than and learned from them that has actually really gotten may thinking about. How do I handle challenge? And how do I develop? Resilience was words so may for anyone listening. Maybe there's someone out there right now. That's getting there be a at the University of Virginia or some type of DSP. That's thinking about you know. What am I going to do for my career? Is there any kind of broad advice or maybe a call to action? You have for younger folks out there. Yeah so you know I guess like my general thoughts. There are kind of number one. I have always felt really fortunate to have the privilege of purpose and so I don't believe that healthcare is the easiest industry working but I have always loved having a mission orientation and so. That's a decision that I made a long time ago. One that I continue to feel really glad that I can be in a business that is trying to do something audacious hard but we're really important to people so it's obviously a personal decision but it's something. I'm really glad I did. The second would be just around the criticality. Technology technology is changing every business. It's not just technology businesses and I see that in so many ways from our customers to our partners and just having that technology skill set and understanding of technology makes you incredibly helpful in it to a very wide variety of organizations so clearly. I'm a little bit biased. Here but I think really having a technology background are working in technology regardless of what fields you WANNA end up in. I think gives you a significant valuable perspective to bring to the table and then my third is really kind of that piece about go to the fire and within technology companies. I've always felt that getting to be a builder. Is You know an opportunity that I'm so grateful I had. I think it makes me a much better leader than what has been if I really didn't understand what it took to build a product and I think everyone has different skill sets but if that is something that you kind of feel a draw to having spent the time you know and not being afraid to kind of go back when I was trying to break into product management out of GSP. It was much harder for me to get a product management role as evidenced by my rejection from gaslight than it was to get a business development role or something more similar to my skills and I really was willing to take whatever role was available at whatever cost so I think also thinking about life. Long people always talk about life being short it's also on and making some of these short-term taking a more junior role all of those things. I think really pay off in the long term about may thank you so much for being generous with your time. This has been awesome interview and we are excited to Continue Watch. 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