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I'm gonna have a head of digital an it Digital strategy and innovation right because we need to have this external view what we create these innovation hubs internally and then i'm gonna put a transformation office at the top so that we can do all of these things and then there will be a head of. I'm not calling data insights. I'm calling colon information insights analysis because we are a data rich company number one. But i believe that we now need to take the data and extract information and get insects from the information. You often hear data driven insights. And i get that. I'm not trying to be new age. But i think what we want. Our company's information insects and so once again so we will have a clearly line of demarcation around that data piece around the digital piece in than running the traditional information technology piece. At of course they all come together you know under me and then s to be the partnering components of what we do as well but i think in order to make all of these things work together when i went with the business goes back to this notion that around coordination and not controlling. Because i don't wanna be the control as data but i would like to educate vocal opponents of governance own stewart super beta on the right meaning data at cetera. And i don't really care whether data comes from. But i can aggregate up at the network level in allow. The company has taken advantage of that data the digital piece. What you will not give me. A lot is is digital transformation. Because i believe that. That's important. But i think digital delivery as more quarter and i think if i didn't digital delivery right at the end of the year we can step back and say wow with these ten things that we did for the company were they transformation versus transformation as the union goyim point and we focus on that. Instead of delivery i think digital delivery has to be the name of the game for us very interesting mark mentioned earlier that you are in the grand scheme of things still relatively new very seasoned. It executive in the industry at places like Places like merck gilead sciences prior to your your current post But you've had a most unusual experience of on boarding almost entirely. Virtually and one of the things i've i've had a cement conversations advising some technology executives who are long In their roles who had years prior to the quarantine and at cautioning them that you know you need to recognize. You're going into quarantine with people who are already immersed in the culture who understand the mores of the organization and therefore you're gaining some advantage during these unusual times because of that shared nomenclature and culture. That was already there You need to recognize that if you're in the blessed position of adding staff those people don't have that and so you need to really sort of factor the way in which you think about things. It strikes me mark. You understand that Better than anyone because you're the leader. Who is in fact on board during these most unusual times and had to find ways proxies who immerse yourself in the culture. Get to know the team that you're responsible for your peers at cetera. Talk a bit about The methods that you have used to try at least to make up for The ability to have had in person meetings but even as importantly the meeting before or after the meeting the impromptu coffee the dinner etc What what methods of us please. So i will i tell you. I'll tell you what i miss. I miss the impromptu meetings at the coffee shop where you walk downstairs. And you grab a cup of coffee and you say hey people need to follow you around this thing. I haven't figured out a way to reimagine the drive-by Drop ahead in the zone. Where teams you know that being said my on boarding with my business has been very very seamless in that are things that they need from me their knowledge that need them. So we've been able to make this e media connection. I'm the new guy a new head of digital. They wanna know what i'm thinking so we can have these meetings. They're just rich and we just run out of time. Virtually because it's a meet and greet you know it's do. We know some of the same people but also hey mark. Here's what we need you at the company and once again i'm being new that means everybody's is transparent around the good the bad and the ugly so that is really really good as released to the business to partnering now as we shift to the staff. eat my organization e the technology organization for the company. This has been an interesting. Let's just call it a really good challenge in that. I'm learning everyone. Virtually yet in the past. I would have flown to germany and really had dinner after the meeting Being able to walk the halls and meet some of the people that may have been shot. Nb all hands and the company just sit as a. Hey how are you mark you doing. How's your family etcetera in that piece of missed and so i've got i'm still working through. How do i create that connected. This you know that way was nice though is that i've said to the teams. You're disturbing me number one. He mobile number. You can text me. You can jet with may be teams you can check would be email and let everyone know that may not respon- within a matter of minutes oil and hours it may take me a day or two but i will respond and.

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