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Food court kebab place pancakes stone oven gourmet sandwiches and salads we have charlie philly steaks minho box buddy chicken hot dog on a stick by guys brazilian grill a chipotle lane and a talion kitchen and a fresh korean kitchen the subway subway okay now what i'm looking for some sort of sharable a little little so you bring in a plate of something that we would do some sort of sharable where we each get a plastic fork can we like now i'm looking for something that sort of more protein not necessarily fry like trying to be like a good okay nikki can you give any more what you're looking for in snack attack i can't eat meat so if you can find something that's vegetarian friendly that the hamas in the middle eastern that's a beautiful point that's a beautiful option yeah questions for us now because you're going to be walking back in here with a snack attack for us anymore none of us are starving ton lead a bit no no no i got you covered okay can you make sure everyone knows that the instagram and twitter change to hello ross pod and it's not butch ricky anymore and and hello what was he played very tricky ricky anymore go you're going go you're gonna go he od okay thank you yes can you say hello russ pot can you say hello ross pod thank you did he say wonder meeting making friends.

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