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Twenty four minutes before the hour and you are with the first light and this is just a fascinating story about the twenty two years ago back in nineteen ninety seven a shocking news story broken it was all about this the small town Georgia doctor named Thomas J. Hicks who had a a clinic in that town and he apparently was selling babies on the black market in a black market baby rang coming out of his clinic and and and denying hundreds of babies their true identities and biological families by selling them to other people since this undercover operation was exposed many of those six babies of course have been you know looking for their their biological relatives and still to this day decades later look to try to find out who their birth parents were there's not that much information about doctor Hicks himself and this is adoption ring and so a lot of these Hicks babies you know they're trying to find their roots and this is going to be shown tonight starting for three nights in a row every night to at nine PM eastern and Pacific time on TLC it's a program called taken at birth the untold stories of their Hicks babies we have with us this morning Jane Blasi who is the lead investigator who is help break this open and is working on this television broadcast and is also the youngest of all the known Hicks babies which is an interesting designation to be one of these six babies so James Lazio thanks for being with us on first light thank you I mean this is a fascinating story I was not really familiar with it so you were apparently adopted by somebody how did you come to put your life together and and piece it back and I guess to re engineer the steps to get back to the point to find out that you were a Hicks baby you know I knew my whole life that I was adopted my adoptive parents had told me and they also bought a baby four years earlier my sister Michelle with often the hex clinic along you know as well as I was in you know I just wanted to know I always wanted to know who my birth family was going to find them so when I was eighteen I went and started the research and started trying to find them in my doctor father had told me there wasn't completely above board and so I knew that there be a a few things that were maybe a little bit off but as I got into it and started you know trying to track down records and there were no records which is the one person to the kit and fraudulent or first again with no end option record buried when I started to see that and then I started to talk with some of the towns people and and then I would go back and I asked my dad a couple questions and you answer or give me a little bit more information everything I realized that it wasn't just a little Shadia with ally Sheedy and doctor here because someone babies who is stealing them from women basically he would tell them that their babies had died and then he would sell them so you know well you know what do you do yeah what do you do with that I mean it it just kept every time that I would get more information from some from one of my sources you know that had lived in in the case of Georgia all their life I was just like all right well now we have to go to the next up because this seems unreal but it's checking out so this show taken a birth is going to show you the darkness is going to show you doctor Hicks and what he was doing and how he was doing it and just the damage that he did to so many especially to women you know he was running an abortion illegal back in the forties fifties and sixties of course abortion was illegal but he was selling these babies who is stealing them essentially playing god so with that said you're also going to see some reunions and you can see some restoration to that what doctor Hicks did all those years ago all of that damage you know we're adults and we have all been looking for a perfect family so you're going to see people actually getting that restoration getting some closure you know to the allies good you're basically you're going to see the story of the Hicks clinic and I'll let everybody else I I I get asked a lot about doctor Hicks and I just let everybody you know take a take a look watch the show and make your own decision your own judgment on who doctor hook flies and and just whether or not he was evil or not because I get that question a lot all right so I'm wondering about the about the families and especially the women who went in there I assume to you know have a pregnancy care the child and we're expecting a baby and then they're told they lost the baby have any of these people had to come to grips with the fact that the trial they thought was lost to you know survived and was alive somewhere because that what I was you know that would start the pain all over again I would think oh my god that would be horrific I can't imagine so I'm I'm going to just give you an example of the woman that I talked to a couple decades ago and she's not on the show in fact she was just an example of a couple birth mother that I talked to like this and they swore up and down and they had basically kind of fall with doctor Jackson there was one that went back for almost three years afterwards because she said I heard my baby crying and doctor X. just told or non non they try try to say that she was crazy and she said no I know I I heard my baby crying in you know she lived she passed away now in fact all the woman I talked to that had the same story our past knowledge and not one of them was able to get any type of answer for to find there's their child and everyone of them swore that that baby had lived and I believe them or what after we watched the three nights of this program on TLC which begins tonight what what should we take away from this in a bit higher reason why I way to do this show with with T. L. C. was if there is anybody else left out there that need help finding something or if they had no idea that they were even I Hicks baby but they have that hit clipper ship to the kids or they have any type of story from the family that they are you could be that this is going to bring them all and if they need help but also even though the odds are against us because the birth mothers and birth fathers would be so much older if there is someone that has lost a baby to the clinic that they would also be able to get some help so I just want them to know that if that if they fall into that category there is still hope that we may be able to help them find their their child for the birth parents all right well it's very very interesting and you know I'm sorry that you had to go through this sounds as if the like you've you know come through it stronger thank you and so do they will tell our listeners it starts tonight on TLC runs for the next three nights starting at nine PM eastern time a two hour show every night we've been talking with Jane Blasi the youngest of the known Hicks babies and of the lead investigator who helped to bring the story to life so thank you so much for sharing this story on first light thank you and that brings us to sixteen and a half minutes before the top of the hour coming up we're going to catch up on that expedition to the arctic sea the first members of the science team we talked with a couple of weeks ago or on the ice we're going to check on their progress coming back in two minutes now the human resources V. 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